Saturday, November 29, 2008


To everyone who supported the Denver Group and our efforts to force the Democratic National Committee to adhere to their own rules and democratic procedures, and to those who contributed and supported Democrats For Principle Before Party, not just a thank you but we know we made a difference and we are sure we made a difference for the future.

Given the stock market crash in October and the deterioration of the economy, all the result of Republican ideology and incompetence from the top down, people obviously and justifiably would not give any Republican a chance at another four years. It was conventional wisdom that this was the Democrats year and that any Democrat would beat any Republican. All the more reason it became important for the DNC to follow their procedures and insure that the process for choosing a candidate was not only fair but honest. We all know it was neither, but given people's justifiable fears over the economy, it was not a time when character or principle could surmount those fears. At least not at the moment.

It remains to be seen what kind of President Obama will be. All we can hope for is that he staffs his administration with the best people he can find and then get out of the way and be what he campaigned as -- a symbol for those who want or need symbols -- though now everyone can see that when there are things to be done, how useless symbols can be. What's needed is action, ideas, and accomplishment and the way to achieve that is for Obama to recognize it, get out of the way, be the front man but let the people he appoints do their jobs to formulate and carry out policy, and there are signs so far he will do just that.

And to that end we feel our efforts made a difference, letting Obama and millions of others be aware of another Lincoln moment that he will remember and put to use -- you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Denver Group/Democrats for Principle Before Party: Printable fliers of general election print ads

Although in the final weeks and days of the run-up to November 4, we believe our resources are most effectively deployed in purchasing television time for our commercials, at the suggestion of a supporter we wanted to make available the two general election print ads we ran. If you care to download and distribute these, please do so. Or if you want to preserve your supply of ink, you might consider a 5 dollar donation for the TV buys. Either way, we are grateful for your efforts.

  • To donate online:

  • To print out the ads, click on the boxes below and you will get a larger version, suitable for printing and distribution. Note that our web address appears at the bottom of the ads, so that those who see the fliers can visit online and contribute if they can and if they care to.

Ad- Boss Tweed - Lansing- proofed

Boss Tweed-CQ - full page- revised

Saturday, October 11, 2008


We are going to start running this commercial, which pointedly calls into question Senator Obama's economic judgment, next week in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. It will air in Pittsburgh. We also want to run it in Ohio (Cleveland and Cincinnati), Florida, and Missouri, states where the economy and Obama's lack of economic judgment will be issues that can turn the election.

How often we can run it, how much exposure it gets,and how many places we can run it will, as always, depend on contributions from our supporters. To help:

Friday, October 3, 2008


Bookmark or subscribe to our general election site.


Thanks to the contributions and efforts of our supporters, friends, and allies, Democrats For Principle Before Party will be airing its first commercial, "Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?", several times next week in Missouri, home of the Obama Truth Squads. We will let you know precise air dates and times once the commercials have run.

Looking ahead:

Many people, millions in fact will soon be turning their attention to
the World Series. And so will we. If we can get enough in contributions
we are planning on running a new commercial (attacking Senator Obama on matters of fiscal responsibility) currently in production during the World Series. We have already
discussed a media plan with a network affiliate, and if we can get the
contributions, we'll be looking to make spot buys in certain
battleground states during the World Series. Even if we run only once
during one game, we feel the commercial is very strong and repetition
is not needed to have an impact. But the more we get in contributions
towards this effort, the more we will consider running more than once
during the Series and possibly running more than one commercial. So if you donate now you
can root for the home team with your contributions and help run a
crackerjack commercial.

Due to the demand for airtime during the World Series, time is of the essence for raising money for this ad buy. If you've got it, please give it.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

With 500 ten-dollar donations, we can run this ad ten times

Times are tough. People are belt tightening everywhere. But if 500 people give dollars, this ad will air in the swing states, and will, we believe help convince the Democratic Party that it cannot not use deceitful and trickery to nominate and untrustworthy Presidential candidate and then use fear to push us into voting that candidate into office.

Watch. And then, if you can, be one of the 500 people to help get the message off the web and onto television.

Or you can donate by mail. Instructions here.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fundraising update - Monday September 22

For those awaiting the newest ads, go here to see where matters financial stand.

A reminder about donation rules: please check that you are eligible to donate (information on the Democrats For Principle Before Party website); if you are in the fortunate position of being able to, a single individual may donate up to $5000; corporate contributions are not allowed.