Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The Denver Group is pleased to announce that we are now prepared to accept contributions. We have installed a donate button on our site to make it as easy as possible for contributions through PayPal, credit card or check.

We will use all the means at our disposal, primarily mass media through newspapers and television and any other form or media we deem appropriate to accomplishing our goals which is to insure that Howard Dean and the DNC have a fair, democratic,and open convention which adheres to democratic principles which means clearly and without compromise that Senator Clinton's name must be on the ballot and that there is a roll call vote.

The only democratic process possible or acceptable is that Senator Clinton's delegates have the opportunity to cast their votes on behalf of the more than 18 million voters they represent and super delegates must be given the choice and the opportunity at the convention, to cast their votes for the candidate they believe is both the strongest and most qualified to win in November and to execute the office of President once elected.

We thank all the many many people and groups who have emailed in advance with their support and enthusiasm for the Denver Group's goals and thank them in advance for their contributions, and we will identify the groups participating as well as individuals if they wish. We will do everything we can to accomplish these goals and make it clear to the DNC that in the end, it will be in everyone's interest including the party itself that these goals of fairness and democracy be achieved.


DJ said...

I'm thrilled to support this action. Here's my first donation (splitting my cash between you and retiring Clinton's debt). Clinton must have the opportunity to obtain the nomination in Denver. 18 million Democrats support her (probably many more with the almost daily negative press about Obama) plus there are many Republicans longing for an alternative to McCain, unwilling to vote for Obama (for many diverse reasons) who would cross party lines for Clinton. How could the delegates not have known this? Were they truly bought off as so many blogs conjecture? Hopefully the continuing actions by so many unhappy Democrats will force the Delegates to rethink what's going on. Keep up the good work - I look forward to seeing your ads.
DJ PUMA Democrat

sharmajee said...

I am wholeheartedly behind the Denver Group, and will support it with my fullest means. Here is my contribution, this is apart from what I may be able to give Hillary. The group represents one final big push to help realize the will of 18 million voters who supported Sen. Clinton. Amongst them are the seething millions who are offering the party another chance to go with the strongest candidate. Should the leaders of the party not wish to follow the will of the people, and instead continue to harp on 'rules' and chose in my view a weaker candidate for November, I will not hesitate to bolt. This is not the time to dither, but boldly go with strength, experience and solutions. Good Luck group!

Jack Helmuth said...

While I'm all in favor of changing many facets of the electoral process (withing parties, regionally, and nationally, I urge you to at least exercise some restraint in protesting. Don't take out your frustration on what has happened by not supporting Obama as the nominee, no matter how much that statement makes you cringe now.

You're not getting back at Obama or Dean or the Superdelegates by voting for McCain. All you do in that scenario is hurt yourself and more importantly your children who will be living in the mess created by Bush and carried on via McCain. The Supreme Court alone could be set back fifty years if more judges are handpicked by another conservative president.

So support Hillary. Donate money, make your voice heard, whatever. Just please be careful with the hyperbole and attacking in a way that is truly damaging. Thank you.

Ciccina said...

I would love to send a contribution to your group. However I work in Democratic politics and I'm worried about the repercussions of showing up on donor lists for groups like this, PUMA, etc. I already blog under a pen name for the same reason. After what happened to the bloggers who were forced out of the Edwards campaign because of feisty feminist statements they made on their personal blogs, I feel like I have to be concerned about my future employment prospects.

Is there any chance you'll have an account to which a person can donate knowing that their name won't be reported?

If not, I'll probably donate anyway and just take my chances.

MR said...

"Is there any chance you'll have an account to which a person can donate knowing that their name won't be reported"?

All of the contributions will remain annonymous unless a contributor would like to be identified so on that score you have nothing to be concerned about.You would only need to specifically ask for you to be identified on the site.

Anonymous said...

1. Thank you for bringing democracy back to the Democratic Party!

2. Spread the word on the Denver Group via HillarySupporters.com

Gabriel said...

I was on ClintonDems last night and they mentioned that the Iowa state convention is this weekend and Hillary supporters are trying to remind Hillary's delegates to vote for her at the national convention. But they are also hoping to contact Edwards's delegates and encourage them to vote for Hillary this weekend in Iowa. If we could pick up some Edwards delegates that would strenghthen Hillary's position at the national convention and convince people the tide is turning in her favor!

I don't have the contact info for Edwards delegates and I'm not sure where to find them, but if anyone has the contact info, esp. email, then you can send them to me at phillyforhillary@gmail.com. Maybe it could also be posted on this website and others. We should spread the word!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this effort. My check is in the mail. This is just what is needed to facilitate real action as well as a focus for the frustration million of us feel about the DNC's foolishness.

Anonymous said...

with all due respect, someone has seriously deceived you if you believe a vote for Obama is best for this country. Much has been made of the war issue relative to Obama, yet he has stated in the past that his position was pretty close to Pres. Bush on the war. More recently, as you know, Samantha, an advisor to BO stated that BO's stated plan - campaign promise - was really just a "best case scenario", and that no one could predict what Obama would need to do about the war at this point. In other words - just words.

My vote against Obama represents the best thing I can do for my children and future grandchildren. It is the single most important thing I can do to keep this country out of the hands of an inexperienced, dishonest man.

Gabriel said...

If anyone would like to lobby Clinton and Edwards delegates for this weekend's Iowa state convention, I have a letter that I intend to send to some. I found some contact info, but they have personal emails so I won't post them here.

Dear Delegate:

My name is Gabriel Gottlieb and I am aware that you will be attending the Iowa State Democratic Convention this weekend. This election could not be more important for our country. With the war in Iraq, slow economy, housing crisis, and rising gas prices we need to make the right choice for our nominee. I do not know if you are a pledged delegate for Sen. Clinton, Sen. Edwards, or Sen. Obama, but I hope if you are a delegate for Sen. Clinton that you will honor your commitment to her campaign and remain a delegate for her. She needs to have a strong showing at the convention in order to have strong support for her causes such as universal health care, energy independence, and support for struggling working class families to be included in the party platform and the fall campaign.

If you are a delegate for Sen. Edwards, then I hope that you will support Sen. Clinton at this weekend's convention. Even though Sen. Obama has been declared the presumptive nominee, we should think about who reflects the will of the Democratic voters and who is most likely to win in November. Sen. Clinton has shown throughout her career and this campaign a passion and knowledge of the most important issues of our day including concern for working families, improving the environment, and providing health care for all. She has the experience, knowledge, good judgment, strength, and inspiring personality to defeat Sen. McCain this November. Also, she has been successful in the primaries. She has won the popular vote by almost 200,000 votes and she won all but four primaries after March 1 despite being outspent more than two to one. She has won almost all the swing states (often by large margins) including Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and New Mexico and most large states. She has strong support among working class families and moderate voters who often vote Republican, but are convinced that Sen. Clinton's knowledge of and concern for economic issues should earn her their vote. She, also, was largely leading McCain in polls taken before the end of the primaries by larger margins than Sen. Obama. Sen. Obama's lack of experience and uncertainty on the issues would make it harder for him to defeat Sen. McCain, especially when attacked by Republicans, which will happen at a stronger pace than it has so far.

Sen. Clinton deserves a roll call at the convention so that the convention delegates can debate the strengths of both her and Sen. Obama. Such roll calls are customary whenever there is a close contest. Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, and Jerry Brown all were placed on a ballot and had supporters state there cases during roll call votes. Many of Sen. Clinton's supporters do not believe the process was fair due to the disenfranchisement of voters in Michigan and Florida and the unfair apportionment of delegates in Michigan by party leadership. If Sen. Clinton does not have a roll call vote then many, many of her supporters will not think the process was fair or legitimate at all and there will be no chance for party unity.

This election is too important to lose. We must choose the candidate with the greatest chance of winning and have a process that is seen as fair, despite previous actions by the DNC that most Clinton supporters did not think were fair or democratic. So, I hope that you will support Sen. Clinton at the state convention this weekend if you are already pledged to her or were pledged to Sen. Edwards.

Thank you and I would like to point out that I was not instructed to send this email to you by the Clinton campaign, which is currently suspended, or told what to say by the campaign. I was, however, a volunteer for her campaign and am still a strong supporter of hers.


Your name

You can copy and paste it onto your computer and then personalize it. If you have any suggestions for improving it or have any contact info for Iowa delegates then you can email me at phillyforhillary@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

Dear Marc and Heidi,

A big thank you for your initiative to preserve democracy and right a terrible injustice to Sen. Clinton. I am Canadian and therefore cannot donate to her campaign by U.S. law. Are non U.S. citizens permitted to donate to The Denver Group?

Jack Helmuth said...

Dear anonymous,

No one has deceived me about a vote for Obama being best for this country. I know that is a fact myself.

While there is no such thing as a perfect candidate or an honest politician, there are such things as liberal beliefs (or progressive if the "L" word scares you). Those are the beliefs that I believe are best for this country, and they're the beliefs that most Democrats hold as well. And guess who the Democratic nominee is gonna be? Like it or not, Obama.

Put Obama and Clinton up next to each other, side by side, and they'll fall in line on almost every issue. But there is a true different set of guiding principles in place with John McCain that makes him vastly different than both of them.

I'm sorry about hurt feelings and a sense of being wronged - I had nothing to do with it. I cast my vote in the New York primary and that's the extent of it. But a true Democrat, when all of this other stuff is said and done, swallows whatever bitter feelings they have and votes for the core beliefs they have, and those beliefs are found in Barack Obama. Anyone voting for McCain as the next best choice is like...well, John McCain trying to distinguish between Sunnis and Shias. In other words, delusional. :)

Oh, and two other points on your post: 1) your vote won't be "against Obama." There is no such lever. It's "For McCain." Make sure you tell yourself that, because that's what you'll have to live with.

2) Hillary has a lot of great qualities and stances to be proud of. Bringing up the Iraq war...the thing that cost her the nomination...is not one I would draw attention to.

GrandMe said...

to Jack H.--You said that the two Senators "fall in line on almost every issue," but while Sen. Clinton has a proven record of working on the issues, voting on the issues, and researching and understanding the issues, Sen. Obama gives us mainly words about the issues, absences during votes, and a record of changing postions. I want a knowledgeable, working president.

We have "hurt feelings"? For me it goes way beyond that. It started in astonishment, moved to anger and is ending in action.

You state that a true Democrat "votes for the core beliefs they have." I would hope that to be true. My main "core belief" is the need for integrity, a coherence of voiced ideals and actions. Sad to say, I find no real evidence of any core beliefs in anything Sen. Obama has said or done.

I don't know what I will do in November. I may, after voting in the last 14 presidential elections, have to sit this one out. It breaks my heart.

MonaP said...


A true Democrat puts country before party and votes for the most qualified individual. From what I can see Senator Barack Obama has little if any experience in National politics let alone international politics. I feel it would endanger this country to have yet another President who needs to learn on the job. Therefore, as a life-long Democrat, but more importantly a patriotic American I CANNOT and will not be a yellow dog Democrat and vote for Barack Obama. If I have no other choice I'm voting McCain - I still believe in miracles and hope the Democratic Party wakes up and puts the better candidate in place - Senator Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jack.

I would honestly feel better about supporting this group if I wasn't reading post after post in support of Senator McCain. Why the interest in the Democratic convention among McCain supporters? Your vote is your vote, but you're making it almost impossible for Hillary Clinton and her supporters to press their case to the convention - you're making it seem like a it's a Republican trojan horse.

If Marc and Heidi can clarify this for me, I'd very much appreciate it. I would like to support the case of Hillary and her delegates. I will not have my money support or be associated with the Republican party.

Jack Helmuth said...

When you slam Obama (doing John McCain's work for him) as someone who will "have to learn on the job" you're doing so with visions of George W dancing through your head. Or bumbling through your head. Or mangling the English language through your head. But I digress...

But what you're not taking into account is that Bush is truly an idiot. Forget disagreeing with him on policy. He's just a dummy. So saying that it was Bush's inexperience that screwed everything up is an unprovable theory (and probably wrong).

Our hero JFK was inexperienced. Our other hero Bill Clinton was inexperienced (eating ribs and slapping backs with good ol' boys ain't exactly foreign policy experience). But they had great presidencies. So the inexperience card that you wave for John McCain doesn't seem all that important to me.

This is the same John McCain who actually was a maverick 8 years ago, who once had integrity, making his fall from grace all the more tragic and alarming. Here's a man who rightfully despised Bush, but sold out his ideals in 2004 and beyond to play party loyalist and help get the man re-elected. Since then he's moved further and further to the right.

Obama's imperfect, as is Hillary, as we all are. But, when compared to McCain, he's the better choice and the smarter person for the job. If you want a hothead with diminishing mental facilities dictating our foreign policy then go ahead and spit on everything Hillary has fought her whole life for and vote for McCain.

Anonymous said...

Heidi and Marc - thanks for providing a positive action for me. I will be using your donor button - I pledged $50.

I have been spending less time online because the BO shills really cause gastic upset. Seems to me the DNC wants to lose and I will help them in everyway I can to acheive the loss if they continue to provide votes not earned, delegates not due to a meager, stingy, insufficicent candidate.

All I am interested in hearing is Hillary Clinton getting what she earned - the nomination.

Boo Radly

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to know the answer to Anonymous' question on 26th June. I have assumed since we are not asked for details such as State, employer, etc, that it is in order for foreign nationals to contribute, but would appreciate confirmation. Many thanks.

Marc Rubin said...

"I have assumed since we are not asked for details such as State, employer, etc, that it is in order for foreign nationals to contribute, but would appreciate confirmation."

Yes, any individual may contribute up to a maximum of $5,000.

Marc Rubin said...

"A big thank you for your initiative to preserve democracy and right a terrible injustice to Sen. Clinton. I am Canadian and therefore cannot donate to her campaign by U.S. law. Are non U.S. citizens permitted to donate to The Denver Group?"

Yes any individual may contribute.
Our limitations are we may not accept contributions from unions or corporations and the maximum contribution per individula is $5,000.