Monday, June 23, 2008


The Denver Group was formed less than one week ago in response to information that Howard Dean and the DNC wanted to keep Senator Clinton's name off the ballot in Denver in an attempt at fostering the appearance of party unity at the convention.

Through the use of mass media the Group intends to make it clear to Howard Dean and the DNC that the convention must be an open convention and must function that way, and to that end Senator Clinton's name must be on the ballot. Her name must be put in nomination and there must be a roll call vote allowing the delegates Senator Clinton has earned and who represent more than 18 million Democratic voters, to cast their votes. The representation of those 18 million Democratic voters is the only acceptable means for conducting the convention regardless of outcome, and the only acceptable means that is in accordance with the democratic process.

To achieve these goals we have organized ourselves as a non-connected committee. By doing this we may not accept contributions in excess of $5,000 and we may not accept contributions from corporations or unions but it will give us greater flexibility in the messages we can send.

It will also let Howard Dean and the DNC know through our use of mass media that the messages being sent through our full page ads and tv commercials are being sent by an extremely large number of Democrats concerned with keeping the Democratic Party democratic and who are insisting that Senator Clinton's s name is on the ballot and that there be a roll call vote. It will also indicate to Dr. Dean and the DNC that there will be an extremely large number of disaffected Democrats if its not.

UPDATE: June 23, 2008

The bylaws of the committee have been drafted and officers appointed and papers have readied for filing with the FEC.The IRS is currently processing the necessary paper work making it possible to accept contributions. We would like to thank all those who have already pledged contributions even before we are able to accept them and we expect we will be able to accept contributions this week, perhaps as early as Wednesday. Please check back for future updates.


berkeleyHillBiller said...

Free and fair elections are what make democracies a way of life like none other. At every level of governance, in every forum of civic life, and in all walks of life, we Americans make decisions collectively, by a show of hands and we elect in 'open assemblies, openly arranged.'

Granted that political gamesmanship earns points for creativity and craftiness, the ultimate test of committment to democracy is allowing people to vote and chose leaders. This is thwarted intentionally sometimes. Such ends may justify the means, but in the end it means nothing if the means is tainted.

The entire DNC has been tainted, the primaries have been tainted, the caucuses more so. The system has been gamed, the majority silenced. No mas!

2008 will be an year of infamy for the new millenium, if the convention is rigged, delegates arm-twisted, due processes forestalled, all this rather than 'open covenants openly arrived at'.

Bottom line, if there is no open ballotting, or if Hillary's name is not allowed to be placed, if Hillary's designees are not allowed access, it de-legitimizes the Democratic party nominee. The party itself will be stigmatized further than it already is.

Some in Democratic party think it is a sure thing year. They probably believe the country to be ready for a change. But what sort of change? Do they assume the country will accept whoever the party proffers? Or, does the country simply want GWB era over? Every party official and convention delegate should examine this question. Where is the country today? The hunger out there may be of a different sort than imagined at first.

It is easy in these days of GOP fatigue to be overly certain, and assume what the country is asking for.

Rather than finding a candidate for the job, the party has found the resume that suits it's fantasies.

Rather than measuring strengths and abilities, the party leaders chose to retrofit an idealized profile into a presumed vacancy.

Nothinig is so automatic.

Come November, the country as a whole will look for new strengths, resurgence and renewal. Democratic party should offer a great candidate. Via an open convention, openly selecting such a person, whoever she may be.

mm said...

Denver Group. Sounds like things are falling into place and I really applaud your objective. I would be very pleased to get involved with a group that has a positive goal in mind, to see the democratic process through to its conclusion, whatever that might be. As a Clinton supporter I have been appalled by the misogyny and disrespect shown to her and equally incensed at the disregard for the integrity of our democratic system. If I can help in any practical way, aside from contributing, which I will do, please let me know.

Mary Pat said...

Hi I'm mpk -I've been blogging on for a couple of weeks now-great things are happening. We know of you over there and have been waiting for the site to start up. I will donate as soon as I am able. The more noise we make the better. I am 100% behind your goals. I would encourage others to join us as well-the more the merrier and the more effective. The DNC has been trying (ineffectively) to diminish our force in this campaign-we are here and we aren't going away and we aren't giving in. The principles we are fighting for go way beyond Senator Hillary Clinton (who I adore and support 100%) or S. Obama-who quite frankly I believe is a phony.

Anonymous said...

okay here are the details:
Unity NH, Unity Elementary School, 6/27/08, 12:00
Unity is right off of I91 which makes it a reasonable trip from Springfield MA, Boston Ma, Hartford CT, Albany NY, and of course parts of NH and VT. You can map quest it and simply put in Unity Elementary School in place of "business" Unity is a town of only 1,700 so I doubt that there will be a crowd of 10,000. A couple hundred Puma’s would make the news and the place will be crawling with national media because this the first appearance of Hillary and Obama together. If only handful of us show up it will be dismissed, no doubt, as those disgruntled people, but if a few hundred show up……….
So who’s up for this? Bring a pair of flip flops.

sisterdo said...

Hey, what a great idea. I'll be sure to share this with others.

BerkeleyHillbiller says it best, who are we without a free and open democratic process?

It's also important that the first woman to ever win a Presidential primary be allowed her historic opportunity.

Dean and the DNC need to be forced to do the right thing, and you're just the amazing lady and group to do it.

Anonymous said...


I am a blogger from PUMA blog. I am so happy to be here. I just wanted to let you know that MillionWomenMarch group changed it's name to 18millionvoices, and they need a lot of volunteers to sign up to hold state meeting in their state. At these meetings they talk about what to do in Denver. PLEASE SIGN UP TO HOLD A STATE MEETING. Here's the link:

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Just curious- how many times in recent years, say the past 40 years, has there been a truly open convention- where no nominee was named before the convention so that a roll call of all remaining candidates was taken?