Saturday, June 28, 2008


The Denver Groups' goals of insisting on an open convention is nothing more than insisting the Democratic Party respect democratic principles. It means that it's the role of the convention to choose the nominee and no one else's. The days of the smoke filled rooms are long gone. Or should be.

Senator Clinton is still a candidate. An open convention means respecting that candidacy which requires having her name on the ballot and a roll call vote so that the delegates Senator Clinton won during the primaries can cast their votes on behalf of the more than 18 million Democrats who voted for her. It is not symbolic. It is the democratic process.And its not a choice. Its an obligation.

An open convention means that Senator Clinton's supporters also be allowed to make speeches at the convention on behalf of her candidacy. The declarations of super delegates who will ultimately decide the nominee have no authority until they are officially cast at the convention. Declaring their intention June 5th to vote for Senator Obama August 27th does not mean you discard the process and deny delegates the right to vote or make a choice.

This primary season has been historic mostly because of the race and gender of the two major candidates. But it was historic for another reason. It was the most closesly contested primary in the history of the Democratic Party with one candidate winning the popular vote and the other a slim delegate lead.

To deny Senator Clinton a rightful place on the ballot in an attempt to foster a false image of party unity based on unofficial declarations by super delegates made June 5th will fool no one and only create more disunity. It is in everyone's best interest, especially the Democratic Party and its chances in November, to hold an open and honest convention.


wbever said...

I just cross- posted this at Heidi Li's site that I received an email signed from Howard Dean stating it was "a false rumor" that had been "floating on the internet for months" that HRC's name was not going to be on the ballot at Denver.

Dean then asked that I email whoever sent that bit of news to me to disabuse them of that notion. Actually, my info came from the NYT 26 June. Who to believe??

CognitiveDissonance said...

wbever, I would bet that they were planning to do this, thinking that no one would question them about it. Then there is Obama fudging at the meeting with Clinton's donors on this very issue. I'm glad the Denver Group is going to make a lot of noise about it. That should be the best way to insure that it happens.

Shirley G said...

I've been trying to connect to a Denver area org to get involved with this movement.

I've signed up with, and a few others.

I have a few suggestions:
We should flood the area with Puma party, justsaynodeal, Hillary, bumper stickers for visibility.

Pink and black interlocking rubber wristbands too.

I am a graphic designer, and do a little web design. I can get quotes and arrange for the printing of any materials we need. PUMAParty has a store on their site. Maybe we can sell through them?

I can organize the printing and shipping if I can work in collaboration with someones e-store.

If I can help, please let me know.

Shirley Gander
Lakewood, Colorado

Anonymous said...

Hillary did not win the popular vote.

Sharon said...

Uh, Yeah, Hillary DID win the popular vote.

Direct from CNN totals: Even if you give Obama the Uncommitted votes in Michigan, Hillary still had a total of 125,530 MORE votes than Obama. Hello!!

Take Care, Sharon

Anonymous said...

An Action Item we can make happen if we work together:

However we each decide to vote in November, this summer many Hillary supporters want to show their continued support for Hillary and their anger at the DNC and many Democratic leaders for pushing Hillary out of the race.

Many Hillary supporters have already made the symbolic gesture to switch their registration from Democrat to independent. (That won't necessarily influence how they vote). In honor of Independence Day (July 4) we are encouraging other Hillary supporters to do the same -- as an organized effort that reflects and respects the differences among us.

To be effective, we need to tell the Democratic Party and the media that we are doing this. BUT, we don't want to lose our opportunity to vote in Democratic primaries for Congress that will be held between NOW and November. Those states include:
Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, NY, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

For example, many Massachusetts voters are very unhappy with Sen John Kerry's strong, early support for Barack Obama, especially since the state of Massachusetts was solidly for Hillary. As a result, Sen. Kerry is facing his first primary opposition in more than 2 decades: Ed O'Reilly, a very liberal Democratic who (ironically) is criticizing Kerry in some of the same ways that Obama criticized Clinton -- such as voting to allow Bush to deterimine if the US should go to war in Iraq. It appears that the combination of anger about his support for Obama, and anger from Obama supporters who see Kerry as not liberal enough, has resulted in a challenge. Some Hillary supporters will want to send a message to Kerry by voting for O'Reilly. We hope that Hillary suppporters will also ask O'Reilly about his views on election fraud during the presidential caucuses, etc. Meanwhile, for more info see

THEREFORE: I propose that each of us write to Democratic Party leaders before July 4 to say some version of the following:

1. I am an enthusiastic supporter of Hillary Clinton for president and am very disappointed in the undemocratic decisions of the DNC and Party leadership that undermined her campaign.
a. The DNC took four Michigan delegates that Hillary had won and gave them to Obama
b. The DNC punished two states that Hillary had won big, Florida and Michigan, by cutting their delegates in half, but did not punish two states that Obama had won which also held their primaries earlier than the DNC rules allowed.
c. Despite the extremely close race, the Democratic leadership kept telling the media and Hillary herself that she should get out of the race. Their behavior was insulting and unfair.

2. That is why I am changing (or have just changed) my registration from Democrat to Independent (OPTIONAL: you may want to add: but only after the Democratic Congressional primary is held in my state)
3. OPTIONAL: Some of you may want to say: I will not give money to the Democratic Party until I see an acknowledgement of the need for real change, such as eliminating undemocratic processes, such as caucuses. The caucuses are much less democratic than primaries, and in 2008 there was a great deal of election fraud, with many caucus participants not living in the precincts or even the state where they caucused.
4. OPTIONAL: Some of you may want to say: I will not support Barack Obama because he did not win the popular vote, and he was selected rather than farily elected. Those of you who plan to vote for Barack Obama can say so, or just not mention your voting plans.

We ask that those of you living in states that do NOT have primaries coming up change your registration before July 4. Those living in states that have primaries should wait. I have attached a calendar of Congressional primaries.

REMINDER: Your registration does not affect how you vote in November. It also does NOT influence how the media polls show Democrats are going to vote or have voted UNLESS you choose to tell pollsters how you are registered. That's up to you.

We had planned to ask you to write to the DNC, but the DNC has now been taken over by the Obama campaign. They have moved their operations to Chicago and the DNC web site is now all about Obama (see

So, instead, please contact YOUR U.S. Senators, your Congressional representative, AND the following Democratic leaders or DNC members. You can send to all of them at once if you'd like to, except Harry Reid needs to go through his web site:

Al Gore:;
Nancy Pelosi:;;
Steny Hoyer:;
Senate Democratic Committee:;;
House Democratic Committee:;

Harry Reid:

To actually change your registration, google your state voter registration info. It's easy!
For example, for Maryland,

Please let me know if you do this! Thanks!

mm said...

I agree with cognitivedissonance that the best way to ensure the the DNC honors its democratic principles at the convention is to give money to The Denver Group. We need to get national media ads out asap so that Hillary's delegates know that they will be supported in voting for her at the convention and to let the DNC know that their actions will be scrutinized.

freethinker said...

Senator Clinton certainly is still a candidate! The voters have overwhelmingly made their voices heard but certain controlling forces in the Party are deaf to the roar. In their raw quest for power, they have jettisoned any guiding principles that have posed obstacles to that goal.

If "transparency" is their intent, they have exceeded all expectations by abandoning even the appearance of neutrality in this contest. Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barak Obama and others would have us believe that their wresting control of the Party and the White House dwarfs the larger Democratic mission or to serve and fairly represent the electorate.

Marc and Heidi are to be commended for their stalwart commitment to the principles of the Party and their noble efforts to expose the renegade elements currently at the helm! Thank you for creating a platform through which we can join forces. If our Forum can be of service to our common ends, please visit us at:

In the meantime, I will post your current mission on our board to enlist our members to support this worthy cause.


Anonymous said...

How is Senator Clinton still a candidate if SHE has suspended her campaign?

G. said...

What's this I hear about Hillary delegates being replaced before the convention?

Anonymous said...

To suspend a campaign is not, technically, to end it.

evelyn in wv said...

I am so thankful that an open convention will take place. I was worried because it seems that Obama is making all the decisions for the DNC. One news story stated that Obama was allowing Dean to stay. Another said that he was trying to have the convention moved to Chicago. I don't know how anyone of so few achievements can have so much power. Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and the superdelegates have set the women's rights movement and the democratic party's credibility back a hundred years. It will take Clinton's 18 million supporters to get it back.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton has suspended her campaign but remains a viable candidate for nominee. Obama is now getting more well known and none of the news is good. I pray our representative at the convention have the the courage to do the right thing for this country.