Thursday, June 26, 2008


The primary means for accomplishing our goals will be mass media, both print and TV which will be aimed at Howard Dean and the DNC as well as rousing Democratic voters throughout the country.There will also be efforts in a variety of other appropriate avenues.

Marc Rubin who leads the media effort started his career in advertising where he was an award winning art director and writer,working for some of the top agencies in advertising in both New York and Los Angeles, devising both strategy and execution. He has won the AIGA Award for 50 Best Print Ads of the Year and AIGA 50 Best Commercials of the Year as well as numerous other awards for creativity and effectiveness. He has also been the head writer of an acclaimed prime time network dramatic series as well has having written for a number of other prime time network dramatic series. In May, he worked with the PAC, Count The Votes Cast and created a full page ad that was an open letter to Howard Dean, and a 30 second TV spot addressing the issues of Florida and Michigan. The ad and commercial received notice from the news media and the organizers of Count the Votes Cast were interviewed by the New York Times, ABC-TV Boston,NPR, BBC Radio and other news outlets.

Heidi Li Feldman is a lawyer and philosopher. She is Professor Law of Georgetown University Law Center and Associate Professor of Philosophy in the College. For more information about Dr. Feldman's academic activities see Dr. Feldman currently fundraises both for the Denver Group and to help retire Senator Clinton's primary campaign debt. She is also an active participant in the daily activities and decision making of the Denver Group.


NJDem said...

Congrats on this site Heidi and Marc--we need the Party to be held accountable to it's own rules, and this is a fantastic start!

I'll make a pledge through PayPal as soon as it's up and running!

Mary Pat said...

I just want to make it clear that voting for S. McCain if that is what someone chooses to do is not just a protest vote-for most people voting for S. McCain is a vote that says S. Obama is not qualified to be president for a whole host of reasons which have already been clearly laid out by many. Our vote is not "sour grapes" nor is it meant to hurt the DNC or any of its leaders. Those of us that have decided to vote for J. McCain or who are thinking about doing that are doing it with clear heads and are following our conscience and quite frankly our intuition.

ea said...

Something for the print media:

Any pro-HRC cartoonist is welcome to realize and distribute the following political cartoon.

Presidential Campaign Cartoon Idea:

Three rows of panels: top with John McCain, middle with Barack Obama, bottom with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

1. First frame of each panel shows the person standing on a bluff, discovering the United States (large USA-shaped block) teetering on the edge of a precipice.
2. Second frame shows the person running off to get something.
3. Third frame shows each individual's action and new prop:
a. McCain with helmet, standing atop the USA in a "full steam ahead" pose
b. Obama with a sledge hammer breaking off the eastern part of the country so that it falls over the edge
c. Clinton pulling on a rope tied around the middle of the country, dragging the entire country back onto safe ground.

GrandMe said...

Yesterday (about noon) I paid my pledge. $100.


GrandMe said...

Yesterday (about noon PCT) Grandme paid her pledge--$100.


Double Jointed Fingers said...

I'm waiting for the paypal issue to clear up and I will donate to this very worthy cause.

Thank you both for your collaboration on this very worthy cause. You are both appreciated more than you know.


Marc Rubin said...

Thank you for your pledges and your patience. Pay Pal is telling us they will try and have the issue cleared up tonight but if not then by sometime tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

A "simple voice vote" must NOT happen!
How Delegates Vote

All delegates – both pledged and unpledged – formally cast their votes at the Convention.

Voting occurs at the Convention in a number of different ways. The Convention Chair may call for a simple voice vote: “All in favor say ‘Aye.’ All opposed say ‘No.’” Votes may also be conducted by a roll call vote of the states, either by telephone or other electronic means. After each official roll call vote, each delegate’s vote is recorded on tally sheets that are then submitted by each state delegation to the Convention Secretary. No secret ballots are permitted at any stage of the Convention’s proceedings. No vote may be cast by proxy. An alternate may only replace and cast a vote on behalf of a pledged delegate.

Anonymous said...

Obama's face is on the header - maybe they should rename it the 2008Undemocratic Convention

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Paypal up and running!

Confirmation number: 95T85136U7015292Y.
An email with your donation details has been sent to XXXXXXXX and you
can print your donation receipt.

Anonymous said...

You can still contact superdelegates through the superdelegate sites.

You can find out more about it at

(For example at

they provide following info about their site

"This website has NOT updated the status of the many Super Delegates who have made or changed an endorsement since then. Since many visitors continue to use this website to express their views to Super Delegates, will stay in operation while it remains in demand."

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that both parties pay for convention expenses out of the Federal Campaign Funds. Does anyone know how the declining by some candidates affects the party's convention budget. Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't some of Hillary's big donors help with this and for full page ads leading up to the convention? I put nothing past the DNC and BO's Takeover Party.
I plan on sending a check by mail Monday. (100.44)

atypical said...

I'm haviong a hard time posting using my blog name,