Saturday, July 26, 2008

Act Blue Tally and an Update on the Open Letter to Dr Dean

The Denver Group appreciates and needs donations via whatever channel (Act Blue, paypal, mail) eligible contributors feeling comfortable using. We want to make media buys up until and possibly through the DNC convention. We hope folks will want to continue donating as regularly as they can, including just one time if that is all that makes sense for you. (We know that in today's economy most people, if not all, must budget carefully).

Act Blue makes it easy for us to post a running tally of the contributions that come in that way. So we have decided to regularly inform readers of this space informed of contributions received via that channel. We will do that over on the sidebar to the right.

Over here you can see that as of this post we are nearing 900 signatures on the Open Letter to Dr. Dean. When we hit 1000+ we will send Dr. Dean a copy. This time we will cc other Democratic Party leaders and prominent Democrats because some supporters have been leaving us comments on this blog saying that Dr. Dean no longer runs the DNC (according to them, aides to Senator Obama do). We have assumed that Dr. Dean would have too much pride to retain the title of DNC Chair if he is not actually running the show for the DNC. In case we are mistaken, it makes sense to get the message to others with power within the Party.

Please leave only courteous comments on the petition. Our signers have been doing this, for the large part, but especially if we want to send copies to prominent Democrats, civility is crucial. In any event, we prefer civility anyway.


Anonymous said...

Really appreciate your civility comment. It's just one of so many things that embues everything you do at The Denver Group with such maturity and legitimacy. And, carrying ourselves in this way is not only the right thing to do, but I believe it also maximizes our chances of being taken seriously and being heard.


Memorye said...

Just wanted to thank you,for all your hard work .