Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Denver Group: Open Letter Update/more

As many readers of this space know, The Denver Group has put its Open Letter to Howard Dean here, where others may add their signatures. The Open Letter has been available for signing for 15 hours and already has close to 300 signatures. We plan to send a copy of the Open Letter directly to Dr. Dean every time we gather 500 new signatures, and it looks like he'll be receiving his first direct copy sooner than later. If you have not already signed - if you are a new signer - please add your name here, if you agree with the letter.

Meanwhile Marc Rubin is hard at work creating video and donors are steadily making it more likely that a video will make it to the airwaves. Time is of the essence. We need to air The Denver Group's message as widely and steadily as possible. So if you have five dollars please consider donating it to support our ongoing ad campaign. Even better, if you can find somebody else who can afford to contribute five dollars ask him or her to match your contribution.

The Denver Group remains committed to its objectives. We appreciate those who are helping us achieve them. Every 5 dollars, every signature is an act of peaceful democratic action. We hope that Senator Clinton's delegates will feel empowered by our success so far to do the paperwork necessary for a nomination from them at the convention should that be necessary. We hope that Dr. Dean will heed our message and simply announce that Senator Clinton's name will be put in nomination without conditions and that she may agree to that on her own timetable as events between now and the start of the Democratic National Convention on August 25th.

Essentially, we hope the Democratic National Party will provide Senator Clinton, the other Democratic candidate who comes into the Convention with a chance of winning the nomination under the Party's rules, with fully equal opportunity. After all, equality of opportunity is a bedrock democratic principle and this is the Democratic Party.

Marc Rubin and Heidi Li Feldman are scheduled to appear live on Morning Q radio on Monday, July 21 from 10:15 to 10:45 eastern.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to The Denver Group for all of your incredibly targeted action. I'm so grateful to you and for being able to be a small part.

If anyone wants to contact the AP regarding their most recent article spewing disinformation (per the first sentence), feel free to correct them on referring to Obama as the nominee. Lord, when will the press stop this inaccurate reporting?!* Surely they must know that we have no nominee until the convention, the roll call vote, etc.