Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Denver Group publishes new ad in CQ Daily

(Click image to enlarge.)

Today, July 30, the ad pictured here will be in the print edition of CQ Daily, occupying a full page. We thought it high time to remind Democratic party leaders about the nature of fair play. We will remind these leaders as often as we can, with continuing ad buys including TV and other newspapers, with the continued support of those who have so generously donated to The Denver Group. If you want to aid this cause, see information about how to donate in the sidebar to the right.


sandy said...

That's wonderful Heidi. I just was jokong on Bitterpoltiz that *61's grandmother probably voted for Hillary...

Anonymous said...

Excellent ad. I am a Proud Puma and I am glad that so many are helping in the fight for justice.Hillary has the plans, the character, the integrity, and the hard-work ethic that it will take to move this country forward. I hope all of our hard work pays off and she at last gets a fair chance to prove herself the winner that we all already know that she is!

Amarissa said...

Great ad, great idea!
Thank you for your truthfullness and for not giving up on justice!

lmv said...

Go DG! Great job, Marc and Heidi Li!

I refuse to believe we will fall short of our goals but, if the nomination gods are against us, we will have shown the world one thing: the astonishing work ordinary Americans can accomplish when motivated for the greater good of our great country.

mm said...

Another terrific, punchy ad. Having reminded the Party elders (I thought elders were supposed to be wise) of the history of their own Party, now it's time to remind them of the rules that they made up. Go Marc and Heidi.

diana said...

Excellent! These ads are surely getting the attention of Howard Dean and the DNC - they' just in denial, of course. And, as we know, nobody changes anything about anything unless there is something that makes them truly uncomfortable.

Please keep this up!

Also, just wanted to share my reply to Tom McMahon's "invitation" to Barack Obama's fan fest.

To: democraticparty@democrats.org
Subject: Re: Special invitation from Barack Obama
Date: Jul 30, 2008 6:34 AM
Attention: Tom McMahon and others at DNC

The people are not stupid. We can tell the difference between
an "open air" convention and one that is a bona fide, truly open,
Democratic convention. Holding the Democratic convention in an
open air stadium does not make it truly open.

Truly open, sir, would have both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
both 1) in nomination, and 2) on the ballot. Neither one garnered
enough pledged delegates to clinch the nomination, and both should
go to the convention as viable candidates - that is the time honored
tradition of a respectable Democratic Party.

I have been a supporter of the Democratic Party and its nominees for
30 years or more. I have never seen anything like this - blatant lies
and deceit to the party's own supporters, disenfranchising supporters
that are looking for a fair and honest process according to established
party rules. We, sir, have not seen that this time.

Please tell Howard Dean - if he is still running the DNC - that he
should not assume that dissent comes from cynical Republicans, and that
he should not assume that old rank-and-file Democrats like me will
automatically fall in line this time. This has nothing to do with
having my "feelings hurt". It is a serious mistake for the Democratic
Party to refuse to have a truly, genuine, roll-call, traditional convention
where ALL OF US can believe in the process.

If Barack Obama is already the nominee, why bother having a convention at all?
Shame on you, Mr. McMahon. Shame on Howard Dean.

Anonymous said...

This is such an effective ad! Thank you for getting this information out, most people are unaware of what has gone on behind the scenes in this primary! hopeful

Greenconsciousness said...

I would vote for BO's grandmother.

imustprotest said...

Great ad! I didn't know he said that about his grandma! Kinda weird that he would say that, but hey he is weird. Thanks for all you do Denver Group!