Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This larger version of our FDR ad which ran in the Congressional Quarterly runs today on page B06 of the Chicago Tribune.

Thanks to your continuing contributions we were able to take this ad, which gained considerable notoriety in the Congressional Quarterly a week ago, and roll it out in this larger, expanded version which not only hit the Chicago Metro area, home of the Obama campaign and the temporary home of the DNC, but we were able to make a larger buy expanding the reach of the ad beyond the Chicago Metro area. (Click on the image to see a larger version.)

We made this buy last week before making a big push for the fundraising for the television spots we hope to run. Now we turn our focus to that.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Denver Group. You are doing a great job. Hopefully the DNC will wake up before it is too late. It is groups like The Denver Group and the PUMA's that allow for the people's voices to be heard since our democratic party no longer cares about it's voters anymore. Thank you again.

untilthelastdogdies said...

Marc and Heidi,

Glad you are continuing to up the ante! I'm thrilled that this excellent advertisement is reaching yet a wider audience! Thank-you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Denver Group! You are fantastic. TV ADS next....? OMG. I'm so excited. :)

Please everyone, support and promote the Denver Group!!! Must be on every blog...get the word out and contribute!

Amarissa said...

Thank you, Thank you,Thank you!
You are doing a great job! Advertising is the fastest and most influencial way for exposing our facts and feelings to millions of readers!

waiting4hrc said...

Heidi & Marc,

I can feel the momentum of the Denver Group gathering steam. The FDR ad gives me shivers every time I read it. It is a MISSILE.

Anonymous said...

Great ad! Any plans on having one ad in a West Coast paper in L.A., S.F., Portland, or Seattle?

Anonymous said...

Please keep up the good work. The FDR ad gives particular clout to what PUMA, The Denver Group, Just Say No Deal, and all the others are about.

We must do everything we can to restore balance and truthfulness to the DNC. This chicanery surrounding Obama must be stopped.