Sunday, July 6, 2008

Interim Bulletin from The Denver Group: 7 pm eastern, July 6

Consider this a news flash to tide followers of The Denver Group's activities over until later tonight when I will, I hope, be able to deliver a more complete update. I am providing this bulletin because so many terrific people have helped us spread the word about the need for rapid action and so many people from all over the country have already come forth with donations. Everybody deserves to know what is going on as quickly as we can tell them.

I - Heidi Li - am writing this post because Marc is busy preparing and honing for placement the first ad The Denver Group will run, and we will run some sort of ad this week.
  • As the media expert, Marc has told me that we will have to finalize details of placement and outlet by noon on Tuesday.
  • We have had a strong afternoon on the fundraising front, and we hope for an even stronger evening and a bigger tomorrow. I will try to give some details in my next update.
  • We know that some of Senator Clinton's delegates are aware of our efforts and we believe that more are being made aware every minute.
  • As we run our ads we will post them here, and we hope that if you like what you see, you will make the next ad possible.
  • We continue to seek another big dollar donor - someone who can pledge the full $5000 allowable per individual - to offer a match for the next $5000 we raise. If you are that donor please contact Us at TheDenverGroup at gmail dot com.
We want the first ad - and every ad - run by The Denver Group to be as effective as possible given the means available. So again many thanks to those who have contributed already. Please consider donating what you can as soon as you can. The best window for letting delegates, superdelegates, and the candidates themselves know what sort of convention we rank and file Democrats expect from The Democratic party is from now through the end of July. (In my own dreams, I picture The Denver Group crafting and place ads every other day from now through the Convention, if we can only pay for them.)

At whatever pace makes sense, The Denver Group will run ads, carefully developed and strategically placed, right through the Convention itself if we can. But the ads that will matter the most are the ones we get out this week and over the next two. Go here to learn why we need to raise funds and how we will be using them .

To be continued.


democraticjack said...

It's getting exciting. You and Marc are providing the "steady ground" from which we all build.

G. Labuhn said...

I support the goals and intent of the Denver group. The democratic Party needs to follow the guidelines and put Clinton's name on the opening ballot and have a roll call vote. Anything less than this and I will personally change parties and vote Republician as the Democratic party will no longer be representing me in an acceptable fashion. Gordon Labuhn

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Obama is already getting ready to give his acceptance speech and Dean is happy he's moving it to a football field, a venue he characterizes loftily as part of the "Obama philosophy." Can we really expect to derail this train? I didn't know the speech would be on the anniversary of the MLK speech--this PO's me to no end. Obama is NOT King (in more ways than one).
Kitty in Canada, PO'd as usual

petunia politik said...

i am proud to have blogged about the denver group tonight. my readers will be sure to respond.

thank you for your work. as an original member of jsnd, i am proud to be amongst those planning to watch hillary rise in denver.