Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who is helping The Denver Group on Act Blue

One of the fun and intelligent features of Act Blue is that anybody can sponsor fundraising for any candidate or group registered with Act Blue. Go here to see who is fundraising on Act Blue and for easy to follow instructions about how to set up your own page - costs you nothing other than a bit of your time.

Note: The Denver Group, just like other groups or candidates who fundraise via Act Blue, has no control over who chooses to create a page on our behalf or who adds our group to a preexisting page.


Anonymous said...

I see that somebody has just recently set up a new fundraising page for TDG. Good to see that happen.

The Musical Patriot said...

It is one of the greatest privileges of my life to be part of the fund-raising effort for The Denver Group to help ensure fairness to millions of voters who chose Sen. Hillary Clinton for President in the primary season. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take advantage of my web page through Act Blue to support this most worthy cause of democracy. For make no mistake: This is about preserving our democratic process. The primary process was set up early in the twentieth century to give the people a voice in choosing the President, taking the selection out of the smoke-filled rooms. If things are allowed to go forward as they now stand, we will see a return to backroom dealing. As a working artist, I do not have quite as much time as others to fund-raise. But I am truly interested in preserving democracy both within and outside of the Democratic Party. So your help will be especially appreciated! And you can know that I personally do not receive a dime of any contribution. It goes directly to the Denver Group. Please use the link below today. With best regards, Dennis