Monday, July 14, 2008


The response to our first ad which ran on Friday in the Chicago Tribune was great. It not only got across our goals it created a lot of media attention. As many know the Huffington Post did an article about us featuring the ad and we are in the front section today (Monday) of Congressional Quarterly Weekly (see the article below).

We are now making preparations to do our first TV commercial. We have contributions steadily coming in but we need to keep the fundraising up to buy the TV time. The louder we can make the wheel squeak the more attention it will get.

And the wheel is going to squeak a little louder today because Heidi Li has been asked to do an interview today about the Denver Group and our goals on Fox News with Neil Cavuto on his show Your World today between 4pm and 5 pm eastern.

There is a sense that the tide is shifting and the atmosphere changing and the best thing we can do now is step up the pressure and television is a great way to do it. There will be more print ads but there is nothing like television to escalate the pressure.

As we said two weeks ago before we ran our first ad, while we love the large contributions, $5 from a thousand people buys as much media as $5,000 from a single person. There is no contribution too small and $5 helps just as much and makes someone just as much a part of what we are doing as $5,000.


democratsfordemocracy said...

thank you for starting this group

Anonymous said...

Yes! Media exposure is crucial and you guys are doing an amazing job! I don't have big money to give (hurting as much as the next person), but just sent in 10 bucks. Will do it as often as I can.

Meanwhile, let's all keep the heat on the DNC, the SD's, and our own local and state elected officials to advocate for a fair democratic process and for Hillary Clinton!


Nancy said...

Heidi Li was great in spite of a rather ignorant moderator who kept talking over her. She kept her cool and was very articulate. Good job, Heidi Li!

Dean Mansfield said...

I truly believe Senator Clinton will be the nation's 44th President. What you are doing is great. I am sure it is part of the process that will eventually elect her to the highest office in the land. I am, myself, a Republican but feel Mrs. Clinton would be better for the country than our presumptive nominee, whom I greatly admire as a patriot. But I believe Mrs. Clinton would have greater ability regarding the day-to-day running of things in the Executive Branch. That is very important regardless of political views. Also I feel Mrs. Clinton should be your nominee already. It appears there has been some "foul play?" Mr. Obama is too inexperienced but has some powerful forces backing him that, perhaps, want to "use" him? Who knows, but that is how it appears to one outside your party. Good luck to you!

Janice said...

Heidi, I saw you on Neils show today and thought you did great even though the commentator tried to overturn your objective. They just can't get over the fact that the people really do still have the right and the courage to stand up for ourselves without riots in the streets. I think we have blown the minds of the kids more than anyone that we have the knowledge to beat them at their own game with technology they claim is theirs. The boomers are still alive and well. Thanks to people like you and Rubin.

Murph said...

Heidi Li was fabulous on Cavuto -- fierce and fiercely intelligent while also being utterly classy. She made our case clearly and beautifully, despite -- as we all seem to concur -- the rather obnoxious, contrary guest host. In fact, I think he was happy to end the interview because he felt like the fool he appeared to be!

In any case, thank you, Heidi and Marc, for being at the helm of this extraordinary movement for true democracy. I have no doubt that Senator Clinton would have only the kindest and most appreciative words as well (spoken in private, of course!).

diana said...

Frankly, I think it's remarkable that Heidi was able to change the cadence of the interview, thereby giving herself time to broadcast her own message - and giving viewers time to actually listen to it!
Intentional or not, Heidi, you did a superb job of it. TV is hard. It's difficult to stay focused beyond the "guy across the desk" - and deliver a successful message to the people. Fox may spin it, but I honestly did not see that you gave them much wiggle room. Bravo.

Ms Bluegrass said...

Heidi, Marc and supporters, Thank You so very much for all your efforts. I know I speak for many others, because I am constantly talking about Hillary and the campaign while I am out and about, (wearing my Hillary buttons)! People are hungry for information and our anxious to see Senator Clinton assume her well-earned position as a candidate with her name placed in nomination at the Democratic Convention in August. I, like others who have commented, will contribute what I can, and encourage others to do the same. Thank You!

GaGirl said...

I agree that Heidi did a fine job with an interviewer who was intent on HIS own agenda. I think he finally listened to the point Heidi made about the "democratic process" and finally let her talk.

Where did they get 1000 supporters [mentioned in the headline]? We are far more than that!

daiseymae said...

Heidi Li
I just finished watching your interview on Fox. You did great! The moderator kept stepping on your speech, but you kept at it and took him on. You were so cool!Thanks for all you do for Hillary, and for all of us, in the name of justice.


Mountain Sage said...

I can't give a lot but I can link to you on my blog and forum.

Thanks for what you are doing!

Mountain Sage

Mary Pat said...

Well done Heidi, thank you for being our spokesperson. Behind you 100% -spreading the word and contributing money mpk

mugwump said...

I am not that crazy about Hillary Clinton, to be quite honest. But I am crazy about democracy and so I have decided to send you'll $20. Great job.

Also, Heidi Ki was great on Fox News, even though the substitute host was clueless and rude.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the clip of Heidi's appearance on Fox. Heidi, you did such an outstanding job in the face of an interviewer who appeared hell bent on talking over you with his own perspective. (Sheesh, why bother having a guest on if you want to ask and then answer you own questions. What a jerk!)

Media attention is so crucial right now. But equally as important is how anyone respresenting this movement carries themselves and represents what's going on. Heidi, you were so composed, you had your talking points down, you were able to provide succinct answers and in so doing you gave enormous credibility to this movement. Great job!


minty said...

I work with Senior citizens I told them about trying to get Hillary nominated from the floor at the convention. They all were real excited about it.

Seniors are great supporters of Hillary Clinton and do not usually have access to the internet. So using all forms of media will get the message out to her other supporters.

dark1p said...

I've been in the advertising business as a copywriter and creative director for over 30 years, and I have to say the FDR ad is the best ad I've seen in years from any activist group. Smart, well written, well art directed, intelligent and dare I say mature.

You guys are terrific. Keep it up.