Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday morning update from The Denver Group, July 7, 2008

Over the Fourth of July weekend we received a serious number of contributions, adding to all the contributions received since the third week in June (when The Denver Group became legally able to acccept contributions).
  • We need to build on this pace if we are to run a full-page ad in the newspaper we think will be most advantageous or to schedule two ads in rapid sequence. Marc's expertise in advertising will guide the decision about how best to use the funds available to us as of noon on Tuesday.
  • With enough new contributions we will show The Democratic Party that The Denver Group has been able to draw enough support from around the blogosphere to begin a major ad campaign in the mainstream media.
  • This is a campaign to make it clear that neither major contender for the nomination should be pressured to bow out. It is a campaign to make it clear that millions of Democrats believe that the Democratic National Convention should be a genuine moment of decision and not just an occasion to drop balloons.
  • Once again we must thank not only those who have contributed but also those who are beating the drum for our efforts by blogging and by reaching out to their networks.
  • We are honored by this show of support - but we also know we would not be getting such support if there were not so many citizens of this country who expect The Democratic Party to act democratically.
Stay tuned.


Virginia said...

Did anyone else get the e-mail from the DNC (actually, from David Plouffe from BO's campaign but through the DNC) claiming that BO is having an "open convention" because he's accepting the nomination at a huge arena and the general public will be admitted? How completely outrageous. "Open" convention indeed. They were looking for money, of course,but I told them to remove my name from their list. I also told them what I thought of their idea of an open convention.

republicanfeminist said...

I am ready for Denver. We need her as the nominee.

jennlee said...

I am ready for Denver.

petunia politik said...

honorable mention in my blog. feel free to post.

rocky mountain high, we shall be.

Anonymous said...

When your ads are ready, please email so we can let everyone know. It would be great if everyone posted fliers of the ads around their neighborhoods. Hopefully the ad will contain data such as is listed under
"Facts and Figures of the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nominating Process" at

Thank you for what you are doing.