Monday, July 21, 2008


The Denver Group has sent Howard Dean its first notice of the iPetition. (You can view the signatures at:

These are first 600 signatures which we promised to send after we reached our first 500. We included this cover letter:

Dear Dr. Dean,

The founders of The Denver Group share the same goal you must have: to win the White House for a Democrat this November. We know this cannot be done without the votes of millions of rank and file Democrats across the country who would prefer a genuinely democratic nomination process at the Democratic Convention. As far as we can tell we have the attention of many potential Democratic voters who the DNC seems to have written off. The link to the petition in this message confirms our sense of the climate. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. In the meantime we have promised those who share the commitment to keeping the Democratic Party democratic that we will relay to you a copy of our open letter each time at least 500 new signatories attach their names to our Open Letter.
Heidi Li Feldman
co-founder (with Marc Rubin)
The Denver Group

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waiting4hrc said...

WOW! The petition is something to behold. It will make Dean see that the dissension is real, large and informed (we know the difference between 'on the ballot' and 'in nomination', thanks to Heidi & Marc).