Thursday, July 3, 2008


Having to raise money for a cause is usually not one of the more enjoyable things in life to do. But accomplishing a collective goal, especially if its for a greater good and something one believes in, can be. And in modern politics having the money to accomplish a goal has become a necessity.

The wheels of democracy and the political parties run on contributions.. It's the same in the case of political activism.

There are many ways for voices to be heard. But one of the best is using mass media, especially when the news media isnt doing an honest job reporting the facts or standing up for basic principles.

Using mass media to accomplish a goal not only reaches a lot of people in one shot with a lot of impact, it also let's people know there are significant resources behind it and it's something to be reckoned with. One full page ad in the Washington Post could have the impact of 50,000 emails or letters sent by individuals.

Insuring that Senator Clinton's name is on the ballot requires sending a message to Howard Dean,the DNC and the country at large that the Democratic Party is playing with fire to even consider subverting democratic principles by removing her name and having anything less than an open honest convention.It also sends the message that the false sense of party unity that's being promoted by the Democratic Party and willingly repeated by the news media is just that -- false.

There are many factors conspiring to try and keep Senator Clinton's name off the ballot not the least of which is the fear by some that, given the events of the last few weeks, she could actually win.

At a dinner with Clinton donors two weeks ago, Senator Obama was asked if he supported Senator Clintons name on the ballot. His answer was that he wasn't there to negotiate the convention. We think its fair to say that if Senator Obama has his way her name wont be on the ballot and he will use all his influence with the DNC to accomplish that. A mass media approach is a very public way of pushing back and letting the DNC know there's another side watching and there will be dire consequences if that happens.

If everyone who would lke to see these goals accomplished takes a little responsibility to accomplish them then those goals have the best chance of being accomplished.The old adage is the squeaky wheel gets the grease and enough money, applied in the right way can cause the biggest squeak.

While we always welcome large contributions there is no such thing as a small one. Senator Clinton had 18 million voters. Most are angry at the entire conduct of the primary and the idea that her name could be removed from the ballot especially since she hasn't conceded nor has she released her delegates would probably be the last straw. If everyone of them gave $1 we'd have an enormous war chest. But as everyone knows it doesn't work that way.It's the people that care the most who make the difference. So its not only big donations that count but many small ones too.

As Ben Franklin walked out of the First Continental Congress a lady asked him what kind of government he had given them..Franklin told her " a republic madam, if you can keep it". It's taken a lot of sacrifice by a lot of people over 232 years to keep it. Sometimes it takes a little money too.


Dianne said...

I am wondering if you could post this on No Quarter and Puma's, Hillary's Villagers 1, Websites?
This is very important for everyone who is wanting to do their share in helping.
I do not blog often, have signed many petitions and support Senator Clinton, but visit many websites that support her.
There are wonderful comments on NQ about the Radio Intereview and much support.
Thank you for all that you do.

Truthfully said...

Is this for real?

If so, what hasn't MSM (or at least Lou Dobbs) reported on this?

If true, 1/2 of my prayer has been answered; the other 1/2 is Hilary Clinton elceted President.

Jimbus said...

What is the fundraising goal?

Heidi Li Feldman, J.D., Ph.D. said...

Best case scenario, we would raise at least $50,000.

Doris said...

Marc and Heidi, Thank you for all your efforts. I found this site after listening to the radio interview with Bud White on NQ. Great Job. I am off to donate money. Thanks and we will see you in Denver!
from Ms. Bluegrass