Friday, July 25, 2008

A supporter volunteers to pick up the "tip" for those who contribute to The Denver Group via Act Blue

Friday - July 25 - early evening announcement

As readers of this space know, we are on a drive to hit $15000 through Act Blue by midnight tonight. We are headed toward $14,000, and expect to hit the mark. You can help us by donating just five dollars - or more if you've got it - right here.

Readers of this space may not know precisely why we have made this push on Act Blue. Simply put, it is because Act Blue is one smart organization. Unlike the DNC these days, Act Blue welcomes a diverse group of candidates and causes under the umbrella of "acting blue". You can learn more about Act Blue if you are interested.

Act Blue asks contributors to leave a "tip" to support their work as a "Democratic clearinghouse." We expect that many of our donors probably feel torn about leaving the tip: they want to be courteous but most of our donors are "small dollar" folks and think about where every one of their hard earned dollars goes.

In a really gracious gesture, one of our supporters has extended the following offer: she will make a significant contribution direct to Act Blue if we meet our goal. In other words, you can contribute to The Denver Group here, and not feel bad if you can't spare extra for a tip. Someone else has your back.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to whoever is picking up the tip tab. That is really sweet, very generous and helps build momentum to reach tonight's goal. You are such a great group of folks!


Anonymous said...

Ditto. We really appreciate you doing that. I don't always have a lot to give, and it DOES make me feel better knowing that every last cent I give goes to what I believe in most.


Anonymous said...

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