Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thank you to the folks from "Count the Votes Cast"

The good people who organized that effort contact The Denver Group yesterday to say that they had decided to throw their support behind our cause. We are terrifically grateful.

We are still looking for that elusive person who will provide us with a pledge for another major match. If you are flush, and have $1000 or more to offer as a match, please contact us.


tessa gordon said...

Thank you too, Heidi and Marc for all that you do on behalf of so many.
I have just sent the first "symbolic" donation from the Count The Votes Cast PAC as a gesture of solidarity.
Here's hoping we can pass many more donations your way.
Tessa Gordon
Count The Votes Cast PAC

democratsfordemocracy said...

thanks for standing up to the DNC..we need to make our party what it used to be..