Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another tip challenge offered

The supporters who supplied Act Blue with the tip when we hit our goal of 30,000 dollars on Act Blue not only sent us a copy of their receipt showing the tip was left, but they have gone one step further and left us the following message:
[We] would like to make another “tip challenge”.
If The Denver Group donation level reaches $ 33,000.00, we will make another $250.00 “tip” to ActBlue.
There you have it, folks. A pair of fellow supporters will pick up the tip if you will get us to that $33,000 benchmark. $33,000 on Act Blue would bring us to a good part part of the way toward our goal of raising $7500 via that channel this week, and the broader goal of raising $15,000 total.

Many thanks to the "tippers" and many thanks to those who have been and are contributing to our efforts.

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