Sunday, August 10, 2008


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With the convention looming and talk of an open convention and Senator Clinton's name being placed in nomination as party procedures dictate now a topic in the mainstream media and the DNC (thanks to your contributions) we thought it best to remind Howard Dean and the DNC of what the consequences may be if they don't abide by those rules and try to turn the convention into a dishonest coronation that will be rejected by a majority of the Democratic Party.

It's clear in recent comments by Senator Obama that he doesn't want Senator Clinton's name in nomination or an open convention. The Boston Tea Party ad which first ran in the Chicago Tribune appears tomorrow (August 11, 2008) in an updated new version in Roll Call to remind everyone in the Democratic Party including their leadership, that this is not about what Senator Obama wants -- it is about the Democratic Party, its own rules and procedures and what they can expect if they in any way violate them and deprive the majority of having their candidate placed in nomination with an equal chance to win. (To see a larger version of the ad as posted here, please click on the image.)

This is how Roll Call describes itself:
Our Mission

Since 1955, Roll Call’s mission has been to deliver superior coverage of the people, politics, process and policy on Capitol Hill. With accurate, unbiased reporting, Roll Call has earned a level of credibility unparalleled in Washington and beyond.
Our Story

First Issue of Roll Call
June 16, 1955

Roll Call, the Group’s flagship publication, was founded in 1955 by Sid Yudain, a former Capitol Hill press secretary. Initially, Roll Call was published once a week and quickly became an integral part of the Capitol Hill community. Over time the need for Roll Call’s unique and special brand of Congressional reporting grew. Today, the newspaper is published Monday through Thursday while Congress is in session (once a week during a recess)

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*Source: 2006-2007 Erdos & Morgan Opinion Leaders Study
The Denver Group hopes that Senator Clinton, along with all the Congressional opinionmakers aims to reach, understands the importance of The Denver Group's message to The Democratic Party: a facade of unity is not unity. For the Democrats to have any chance at the White House this November the DNC should heed our message and its own rules and hold an authentic nominating convention with Senator Clinton agreeing to and having her name placed in nomination.

To restore credibility with millions of voters The Democratic Party and its leaders must provide a convention with a meaningful choice between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton to head the ticket in November. Without that credibility, no Democratic contender for the Presidency stands much of a chance in November. And if 30% or more of Clinton voters make good on their threat and stay home unless there is not an honest and open convention, the down ticket Democrats won't have much of a chance either.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU MARC RUBIN AND DENVER GROUP!There is definitely more than tea brewing this Fall... Hillary it is time to come out to champion the disenfranchised millions of your supporters!

Mirlo said...

I like the clarity of this text and the Metapher of the Boston Teaparty. Both describe very well what's at stake.

minty said...

Excellent ad. Congratulations to the both of you. Your work and dedication is greatly appreciated.

mm said...

Well done both. This ad is bolder than ever and can't help but get the attention of those important super delegates. Here we come Denver.

Jan Harrison said...

Great article. Yes, Yes it is time for SHOWDOWN IN
SNOW-TOWN. A TEA PARTY like never before.

grlpatriot said...

Great work, TDG. The ads are making a difference. I saw Marc on FOX today. Great job, Marc.

kat in your hat said...

Thank you very much. We appreciate it!!

Mirlo said...

This ad caught the attention and was discussed in CNN's Political Ticker, the article is still up to read, although comments are closed. IMHO an unbiased, well written article; the emphasis, unfortunatly, as described by Heidi Li a while back, on it coming from Hillary supporters, which diverts the real message somewhat.

Part of the commenters repeated Mr. Dean's smear that behind it all were a Republican Group.

pj said...

Great ad. Very clear and to the point. Thanks for the hard work.