Monday, August 18, 2008


It is getting down to the wire. The Denver Group enthusiastically plans to continue insisting that the Democratic Party act democratically.
  • Our commercial is scheduled to air towards the end of the week on CNN and we will post further details about that as they become available (it is currently being reviewed by CNN clearance).
  • We also have a print ad in the works to run Monday, August 25th in a D.C. based newspaper, which will reach all their regular readers as well as being available at the convention hall itself and at hotels in Denver where delegates and super delegates will be staying. We believe this ad could influence what happens at the roll call vote.
  • If our contributions keep coming, we will be running our commercial in Denver starting this week (probably on CBS but possibly ABC as well) to get the message across. While it takes additional funds to do this, we believe that if we hit our fund raising goals for the week we can readily afford this step.
The DNC has successfully made a complete mess of their own procedures and is offering conflicting explanations about what exactly is going to happen at the roll call vote. So now it is important to keep in mind that delegates, no matter what they are told, are not only free to vote their consciences as to what their constituents' wishes are, but that they are supposed to vote based on their constituents' preferences - not Howard Dean's preferences or Nancy Pelosi's or anybody's other than the people who elected the delegates in the first place, rank and file voters across the country. Our ads will remind delegates and super delegates not only of their rights but also of their responsibilities to democratic process itself. And we are also going to make clear what the consequences may very well be for the Democratic Party if they do not.

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GrandMe said...

Thanks for starting my day with hope. Not hope that we can change the outcome of this nomination process (though I haven't given up), but hope that the ads will create the change WE can believe in, hope that they reach others who will join us in working together to bring integrity back to the Party, hope for an end of the arrogance, bullying and cult of personality, hope that there will once more be a real Democratic Party, the one I joined when I saw the light.
I had decided that all I could spare right now was $50, but will double that. It's too important! Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this.