Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Denver Group nears next Act Blue milestone; a previous ad is featured in online publication

Over on Act Blue, we are nearing $21,000. We know we will hit that mark, our goal for the weekend is to pass it by at least $500. Our overall fundraising target for the upcoming week is $10,000 via any channel - Act Blue, Paypal, or regular mail (our mailing address is in the sidebar to the right).

Meanwhile, courtesy of a supporter we learned that our first ad was featured on July 30 in We like the tagline of this online line news site - "The Power of Citizen Journalism. You can see the portion of the ad digitaljournal reprinted here, and apparently, can vote for it. We thank digitaljournal for their high standards in attributing the ad to The Denver Group.

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hopeful said...

Excellent ad. You stated what so many of us, who care about preserving democracy, feel. Thank you!