Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Denver Group, with your help and with your contributions, intends on bringing the message of "Principle Before Party" both to the general electorate and to Democrats in Congress and the Democratic Leadership itself.

To the Democratic Party leadership, we will let them know that if the Democratic Party loses the Presidential election, it will be, to a large extent, the result of their own corrupting of Democratic Party principles and the disrespecting, devaluing, and discarding of 18 million votes in order to bring about their chosen result.

We will also make it clear to everyone, that we are Democrats who support the traditional values, principles and procedures of the Democratic Party but will not support the abandoning and corrupting of those values and principles and go blindly along when those values and principles and the very democratic process itself is corrupted and abandoned as they were this year.

We will take our message of "Democrats For Principle Before Party" in the form of print ads and TV commercials to swing states and any other state we think matters.

But this does not mean we will be advocating for John McCain. We won't be. There are many ways that a Democrat can express their protest against the corruption of party procedures, principles and values and what it has brought about. Not the least of which would include leaving the Presidential line blank when in the voting booth. Arthur Schlesinger Jr., a prominent and lifelong Democrat, did just that according to his journals when, in 1980, his conscience and principles would not allow him to vote for Jimmy Carter.

Our goal and the goal of our message will be that on November 5, the day after election day, there will be a result in the Presidential and Congressional elections that will begin the process of returning the Democratic Party back into the hands of those who will respect Democratic Party rules and procedures as well as the democratic process itself, and most of all who will respect the votes of all Democrats so that those votes will never be disrespected and devalued as they were this year, and the corruption we witnessed will never happen again.


Marsha said...

Bravo! This is something we can support with enthusiasm and integrity. You have found a new objective for The Denver Group which is equally as compelling as the original one and which has a clear, positive motivation for the Party, the Congress and the country. Well done Marc and Heidi.

democraticjack said...

I only wish there were some way to punish the Democratic Party without punishing those who benefit from Democratic policies. This nation is on the brink and we must tread very carefully or we go over the edge.
The DG's position is, right now for me, the only reasonable path to follow.
Thanks Marc and Heidi.

Marsha said...

I agree with you democraticjack. This is a fine line that The Denver Group is having to walk. If anyone can do this, Marc and Heidi can. Realizing that when you hold up for scrutiny the democratic party's behavior, it may lead to an indirect benefit for McCain and his policies is hard to swallow. Harder yet, however, is not standing up for the very principles that make the democratic party democratic. If we do anything less, we have betrayed our own principles in the process.