Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Denver Post covers The Denver Group

Clinton backers want vote

By Allison Sherry and Anne C. Mulkern
The Denver Post

Although the The Denver Group receives only a brief mention we are pleased to have been mentioned at all in a story that covers quite the thoroughly the position of Clinton delegates at this point in time.


mm said...

Yes, good to get a mention but more would have been better. It felt a bit cursory. Gary Hart's comments in the article felt like a threat, an attempt to intimidate HRC. Took the poll in the article and the results are overwhelmingly positive in support of a vote (78%). The Denver Group needs to keep building the pressure and highlighting the difference between the ballot and the nomination.

Carolyn Mann said...

Obama spokeswoman Sharon Gibson's comment that his campaign is reaching out to Hillary supporters is a real groaner. The only outreach I've received is Don Fowler's letter telling me to "get over it" and multiple requests for money.

Also found Hart's comments contradictory. Along with the veiled threat was his own acknowledgement that his delegates in 1984 got a real cathartic release from being given the opportunity to vote for him. He points out, correctly, that they voted for him without a single defection, and that they carried on a loud, boisterous demonstration for 15 to 20 minutes before the vote.

What he doesn't say is that they "staged" many other demonstrations during the convention and distributed a lot of misinformation in an attempt to make the media believe that he was picking up additional Mondale delegates. (He didn't, in fact, pick up a single Mondale vote.) Or that he trailed Mondale by about a thousand delegates when he mounted his floor fight. He's got a lot of nerve making threats toward Hillary, veiled or otherwise.

How do I know all of this? I worked the '84 convention as a delegation reporter for NBC News and was assigned to the Colorado delegation, in addition to a couple of others. It was an absolute blast. Got to interview Henry Cisneros, chatted with Father Sarducci and nearly knocked Warren Beatty to the floor while rushing to report back to the NBC writers.

Other than the fact that I was working for about 50 cents an hour (was paid a flat $300 for four looong day's worth of work), it was one of the highlights of this political junkie's voting life.

Carolyn Mann said...

Oops -- make that "four looong days'" worth of work in post above.

Carolyn Mann said...

Was just watching Fox News, where they were talking about the convention. "The big question is the issue of a roll call vote," one of them said, and then started reiterating stuff straight from Denver Group's ads. Why I'm sure it came from the ads was that they specifically mentioned the fourth round of voting for Roosevelt.

Congratulations. Just wanted you to know.

Anonymous said...

I think the strongest argument -- that is, the one with the most punch for the public -- for putting Hillary's name in nomination and on the first ballot is, "Why treat a woman differently?"

For years, every man who has sought the candidacy has had these things, but now that a woman dares to seek the highest office in the land, suddenly there's all this ANIMUS against her.

This is just a continuation of the rampant, repulsive misogyny we saw during the campaign season. It's sick, and it's disgusting.

With only a few weeks left until the convention, this short, simple thesis can make a great impression. It doesn't need a lot of explanation; what it needs is emphasis. It needs coverage. Hammer it home, everywhere, again and again and again.

It's because she's a woman.

Carolyn Mann said...

I completely agree with Tom and urge The Denver Group to hammer on the misogyny angle. The point that he makes here -- that no man has ever been denied the opportunity to take his fight all the way to the convention -- is exactly the thing that I have found most frustrating and infuriating.

The Platform Committee just passed language essentially saying that they would actively fight sexism whenever the see it. Well, here it is: "see" it.