Sunday, August 31, 2008

A straightforward request for contributions to Principle Before Party

Many knowledgeable sources, including delegates, have told us that they know that our earlier ads forced the hand the DNC with regard to putting Senator Clinton's in nomination and holding any sort of roll call vote. We don't think the one held qualified as a free and fair so we are striking up a campaign to make sure that fact is not forgotten or ignored.

But time is short in terms of getting the mainstream media to realize that many Democrats' Democrats object to how the Party arrived at its nominee and know that internal corruption, which we must start cleaning up immediately, is the most likely cause should the Democrats lose the presidency this year. The Denver Group's particular purpose is to make sure that this message gets into the mainstream media ASAP.

Therefore, we need your financial support and we need it fast. Savvy print ads, especially when strategically placed, can have enormous effect. We have the ability to create the ads and some ideas already in the works. But since we rely primarily on small dollar donations we need as many of those to arrive as quickly as each person who wants to fight for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party can afford to contribute even a small amount. See the side bar for how to donate; Act Blue and Paypal are best for us but we happily accept donations by mail. We are grateful, now more than ever, for those who have been contributing and we appreciate any future supporters who can spare even five dollars at this crucial moment.

For more about the specifics of the ad campaign see the previous post.

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