Sunday, August 24, 2008

News from The Denver Group, Sunday, August 24, 2008

Advertising campaign update:
  • Our TV commercial is scheduled to run again tomorrow night during the Denver ABC affiliate's broadcast of Nightline.
  • Tomorrow a new major ad will appear in print. As has been our practice, we will post the ad on this site tonight at midnight eastern time/10 pm mountain time for those who will not have an opportunity to see it in print.
Fundraising update:
  • The Denver Group supporter who offered to sponsor a fellow supporter's trip to Denver has, we have learned, made it possible for the traveler to make it to Denver.
  • A special thank you to those who are contributing in an effort to enable us to air the television commercial at least one more time after Monday night.
Heidi Li happened to have dinner last night at the same restaurant as Governor Rendell. She did not have the opportunity to speak with Governor Rendell but she did have the opportunity to speak with several of his aides. Heidi was able to remind them to remind Governor Rendell about the state laws in ten states that require pledged delegates to vote as pledged. She inquired as to whether the Governor had received information about the precise mechanics of the roll call votes on Thursday, but since the aides looked at her blankly when she asked the question, it would appear not.


tessa said...

to heidi, mark amd all Denver Group folks. I wish I were with you but write from Cape Town, South Africa. Will watch from here!
In Solidarity
Tessa Gordon

GrandMe said...

Is it possible to have some sort of printed sheet (too late for pamphlet) which spells out for delegates-- from those states which have laws--their responsiblity to vote for the person who received the most votes in their district? A quiet presence somewhere in the vicinity of the Pepsi Center that passes them out with a smile and a thank you would be a nice alternative to the chaos makers they are expecting.

GrandMe said...

I goofed--I meant to say "to vote as they pledged" as HLF's artcle said, rather than vote as their district. It is necessary to get this accross, because I feel the "powers that be" are going to try to push the delegates into a landslide vote, as a slap on the wrist to Hillary.

Anonymous said...

It is so pleasant to see a poster from Cape Town on this site. As another TDG supporter I'm delighted to see the international appeal.

smigen35 said...

I understand that as of 8/24/08 (c-span) there will be no roll call. If there is none I will change my party affiliation on Friday 8/28/08. And I think I will not be the only one. The DNC needs to be reminded that in 2010 there will be a census and congressional districts will be redrawn.....there will be consequences to what happpens or does not happen on Thursday the 27th.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

I feel like I am living a bad movie or having a bizarre nightmare. I cannot believe that the weakest candidate ever will be illegally declared our nominee. I just cannot wrap my brain around this whole election process. We are nothing more that a third world country when it comes to elections. Shame on our DNC and its convoluted plan to circumvent the voters.

My husband and I switched to no political affiliation after the DNC meeting awarding Obama delegates he didn't earn and delegates belonging to Hillary to him.

If this convention goes the way it appears to be leaning as of today, I am gone for good.

Anonymous said...

Great work Heidi....I am now hearing that Hillary is now going to "release" her delegates. The DNC should be ashamed of themselves. Looks like I am voting for McCain. Interesting that the media really thinks we all will be loyal to Obama. Not!