Sunday, August 3, 2008

Something incredible just happened to THE Denver Group

As our supporters know, we were confronted today with the problem of a spoof site. That problem is still being addressed but we will get it resolved, in large part because of the incredible and rapidfire response of so many people who got the word out about the problem and some people, with very special knowledge and skills, who immediately offered to assist in protecting the integrity of THE DENVER GROUP name and web presence. We won't know until tomorrow whether we will relocate to another url but rest assured, we will make sure people know how to find the real thing. Marc and Heidi, on behalf of The Denver Group, thank every last person who sent an email, left a comment on a website, contacted us to help, and so on.

To top it all off, we are steadily headed toward $20,000 raised on Act Blue. For those who want to donate online, this link to Act Blue is genuinely secure; if you feel more comfortable donating by mail, The Denver Group address is in the sidebar. When we hit - and surpass - that $20,000 milestone, people everywhere will know that thanks to the support of every person who donates, The Denver Group will not be deterred by trickery or anything else in our efforts to keep the Democratic Party democratic.


Anonymous said...

You are extremely welcome. I'm glad I could be part of the group who helped!!


ainnj said...

We always have your back kid!

Anonymous said...

It just shows that the PUMA movement is real and not a Madison Avnue marketing effort alluded to by Chuck Todd on Meet the Press today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi-

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you and the group are doing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the previous post should have specified THE Denver Group.

The TRUE Denver Group

SEAttlegal said...

Heidi and Marc just remember that imitation is the highest form of flattery. The work you are doing is powerful and effective... thank you for all of our sakes.

CognitiveDissonance said...

Just a suggestion - everyone should go to the spoof site and click on the "Flag this site" button. That should get Google to take it down and manually review it.

EMJ said...

You can also contact the following polling groups to
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• Rasmussen Reports, LLC Phone: 732-776-9777 Email:

• Quinnipiac University


• Gallup
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