Friday, August 15, 2008

This just in: a tip challenge from a supporter of The Denver Group

UPDATE: As of 7:15 a.m eastern, Saturday, August 16: It continues to be crunch time, as we work to make sure that The Democratic Party intends a fully democratic, non-symbolic vote at the convention on August 27, a vote where no delegate feels pressured to do anything other than vote his or her conscience within the guidelines of the The Democratic Party's own rules.

We will announce a goal for this coming week soon. Thank you to every person who helped us cross the $30,000 line.

The Denver Group is approaching its goal of the week on Act Blue: to reach $30,000 in total via that channel. We have just received the following message from a supporter:

Here is our challenge.
If the donation amount makes the $ 30,000.00 level, we will make a $ 250.00 tip to Act Blue.

The Denver Group will also recognize, in a private communication, the person whose contribution puts us over the top for this goal. We look forward to that and even more forward to seeing Act Blue receive a tip in honor of all those supporting The Denver Group.

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