Saturday, August 23, 2008

Update FROM Denver - From The Denver Group

Heidi Li is now in Denver and Marc will arrive tomorrow. The airwaves are packed with commercials. Ours is scheduled to run at least two more times, but making more buys for the commercial or running our upcoming print ad more than once (it is already scheduled to run on Monday and we could run it on Wednesday morning, the morning of the roll call to remind superdelegates that they must vote their consciences, with an eye to winning the White House with the best possible candidate. Getting word out to delegates in these next few days is imperative. It will take courage and determination for delegates to exercise their judgment freely because it always takes that when the stakes are high and the outcome not a foregone conclusion. We believe our ads foster courage and confidence for the delegates.

We are not making a symbolic gestures. We are supporting the individuals who have the power to make the Democratic Party democratic on the day of the roll call vote. Delegates, pledged and unpledged, must know that whatever Dr. Dean or Speaker Pelosi do, the delegates truly do control this convention. Now they must exercise that control, using it for the good of the Democratic Party.

If you would like to donate to help The Denver Group let as many delegates know that millions of rank and file Democrats are rooting for the delegates to be brave and conscientious, it is truly now or never. Online donation - via Paypal or Act Blue - is best.

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Marsha said...

The Denver Group safely landed in Denver. Horray! This truly is our last and best opportunity to continueto make a difference and to ensure that the roll call vote is authentic and not symbolic. I look forward to seeing the ads when I arrive in Denver tomorrow evening.