Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Update from the Denver Group: Spoof Site Gone

As readers and supports of The Denver Group know, over the weekend we became aware of a spoof/scam site that had confused a few people and alarmed many more. We lodged a number of formal complaints with Blogger and Google, and we know many of you flagged the spoof site as an abuse of Blogger guidelines. Google sent automated replies requesting further information from us, and we thought we would have to spend precious resources on legal assistance to get the problem resolved.

After several days of working hard to learn how to contact the person responsible for the spoof site - while working hard on our central focus, creating new ads and raising funds to run them - today we reached somebody who knew the person involved. This intermediary acted swiftly, and the spoof site has been removed. Furthermore, the intermediary, who was not personally involved in the spoof, was incredibly gracious. Unlike the person who put up the site in the first place, the intermediary took responsibility for resolving the problem, and we are grateful.

Happy about this news? Ask a friend to donate whatever she or he can to celebrate your happiness as THE Denver Group swings into its highest gear as the Convention draws close.


Memorye said...

So happy to hear not as bad as first thought. Heidi, thanks for all that you are doing. Remember we are here for you.

ainnj said...

way to go Heidi! Only you and Marc would be able to resolve such a problem so civilly!
Don't know if any of the info I sent you was helpful but it sounds like you got it all cleared up with not too much dirt involved!
You guys are terrific!