Monday, August 25, 2008

USA Today covers The Denver Group

In a just published story that includes coverage of the delegates and groups working to support their efforts to act honorably and conscientiously, USA Today noted The Denver Group:

At issue at the convention, of course, is not only what Clinton says but what her delegates do.

Heidi Li Feldman, a Georgetown University law professor who helped organize the ad hoc The Denver Group, is among those who demanded that Clinton's name be placed in nomination and a roll-call vote taken.

A move to declare Obama the nominee by acclamation is not what they have in mind — even if that's what Clinton proposes in her speech after a few states have cast their ballots.

"When someone tries to ram a vote by acclamation, you can walk out of the convention," Feldman says. "If you stay in that hall, you can stand up and say, 'We will not be silenced.' I tell them to stand up and sing, 'We Shall Not Be Overcome.' "

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Patricia said...

You and Marc are doing a wonderful job in fighting for democracy. Thank you both.

It is now clear, however, that the DNC, Democrats in Congress and the media do not understand the discontent of a large contingent of citizens (Democrats, Republicans, Independents etc.) towards the selection process used by the DNC. They also fail to realize that many Democrats who worked to ensure the election of a Democratic Congress in 2006 expected Democrats to do something about the abrogation of our civil liberties and the war in Iraq. They did nothing. Both the election and the failures of a Democratic Congress (now have a 9% approval rating) have led to a lack of trust of Democrats in general. The current behavior exhibited at the DNC is unfathomable to many people. If I had a 9% approval rating I would ask myself the question “What am I doing wrong.” Instead, the DNC and many Democrats act as if they are perfect and the rest of us stupid. Every once in a while we all act stupid but we discover through our failures that it is not a good strategy to follow. Apparently, the only way the DNC, many delegates, and many Congressional Democrats will learn is through a major defeat. Then we will have a return to the democratic process and democracy.