Sunday, August 3, 2008


Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery but spoofing isnt. Someone has set up a spoof site of the Denver Group, calling itself The Denver Group but dropping the "the" from the web address setting up a bogus site on Blogspot. Given that we are involved in the Presidential election and that our activities are governed by the FEC, as is our fundraising, this is not a harmless prank and we are going to take appropriate action. We have notified Blogspot and have also notified our attorneys.

In the meantime while the imitation isn't flattering knowing that thanks to your contributions we are making a lot of people nervous enough to want to spoof us, is in it's own way flattering. It tells us we are getting through, we are doing our job, we are having an important effect and maybe we have some people running scared. The more contributions we get the more nervous we're going to make them.


edgygirl said...

Whoa, I just went to that site and it looks just like this one. It says the Denver Group are Republicans in disguise and are plotting a coup to take down the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

really? Because it looks like the work of Obama people to me. Republicans are grown ups that at least know better than this. This is the work of disrespectful children that don't understand that "politics" isn't guerilla warfare- it is respectfully disagreeing with your fellow americans.

Anonymous said...

That site was probably thrown up my somebody other than Republicans. We all know who has been calling us Republicans in disguise these days.

susiepuma said...

Nail em - creeps

untilthelastdogdies said...

So...these are the tactics of the people who want to be in charge?

In another era, not my own, such fine folks were called brown-shirts.

These aren't Republicans, they are Democrats perpetrating crimes on other Democrats for the simple reason that we didn't drink the kool-aid.

Dissent is not to be tolerated in their ranks which is exactly why I hope they are stopped cold in their tracks come November.

PuppyDogMom said...

OK...why is this insipid site still up? Can legal action be taken against them?