Saturday, August 2, 2008

What The Denver Group told CQ Politics About Senator Clinton Being Placed in Nomination

From CQ Politics in a story they published online August 1 at 6:13 pm. (The story is reprinted here as well.)
Heidi Li Feldman, a Georgetown University law professor, co-founded The Denver Group to push a roll call vote on Clinton’s nomination. She says Clinton is in a tenuous political situation, caught between her desire not to undermine Obama’s candidacy or Democratic efforts to win the White House, and giving voice to her supporters and delegates.

The Democratic National Committee and Democratic leadership “has chilled her speech,” Feldman claims. She charges that the Democratic Party leadership spent the entire primary season telling Clinton to get out of the race, “so she has every reason to believe that they’ll start beating that drum again” if she makes any sort of public statement.

Feldman added that she would continue raising money to help Clinton’s nomination “unless and until she says ‘I am releasing my delegates.’”
By today anybody who follows politics knows Senator Clinton most certainly has not said this and does not seem likely to.

The Denver Group plans to unroll a further series of ads between now through the Convention. How many, how often, and where depends upon how quickly our supporters fund us. If you are not in a position to donate - we know about budgets - then consider finding even one person to donate just five dollars. Five multiplied by 18 million would make a grand advertising budget.

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ainnj said...


Just sent a couple more bucks your way for The Denver Group. You and Marc are amazing.


PUMA.SF said...

Heidi, I would just like to say thank you for all that you are doing and I encourage everyone to please donate. Just so you know I live in SF and I go on daily walks and post your ads all over this city as well as the Puma Pac posters. Every little bit helps. Thank you and stay strong


Common Sense Gram said...

Dr. Heidi- I listened to the Meet Me In Denver show last night- (ProudMilitaryMom here)
I did manage to find a link to a listing of all certified delegates. Folks can click on the link, click on thier state and then find their delegates to contact regarding signing the nominating petition.

Hoep this helps!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to warn you, this website has been spoofed (probably by obama supporters). The address of the spoofed page is they left out the word "The" in the URL and are making claims that they are republican backed, took money from the McCain campaign and other stuff. It looks to be a fairly new spoof. I didn't want anyone to be fooled by it because it freaked me out when I typed the address in wrong and came up on it so I jumped to my favorites to make sure I had the right site, and I didn't.
Denver Group, you may want to report this spoof to blogspot ASAP.