Thursday, August 28, 2008


Now that the Democratic party has "installed" a nominee using a sham roll call vote in a rigged nominating procedure that had more in common with the government of Iran or China than anything American the question is what to do next.

The leadership of the Democratic Party, along with those who have chosen to go along with it, has subverted and undermined every democratic and Democratic principle to an extent most people would not have thought possible and they did it under the noses of an inept and biased news media who did not seem to notice.

What matters now is that the Democratic Party not be rewarded for their efforts. And that its time for Democrats in November to put principle before party.

Using ads and commercials as your contributions enable us, we want to take that message into the general election. We are Democrats and we believe in the things the Democratic Party has stood for. But all those principles were corrupted this time. If it takes a Democratic Party defeat for President to rid the party of the elements that so corrupted the process and everything the Democratic Party has stood for, so be it.

Republicans saying it is one thing. Democrats saying it is another. And with your help we intend to say it. We intend to tell Democrats to put principle before party and to say it in swing states all over the country where our resources allow. And we intend on saying it in Democratic states that are usually taken for granted. We will provide a rallying point for the 18 million Democrats whose votes meant so little to the DNC that they did not think they were even worth counting, but who want them now when they need them.

With your help, we will do what we can to see to it that happened to the Democratic Party this year never happens again.

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democraticjack said...

I was elated to see this post. As Hillary said "keep moving". I look forward to giving as much support as I am able.
If they skate on this one, I would like to know what's next from them?
It's a scary thought.

Debbie said...

I keep telling my friends how determined and just how you are devoted to making this wrong the right it should be and how knowing you like I do I trust you will take it full circle and NOT abandon it in mid-stream!
Heidi, Marc and the other members I haven't met! I am behind you anyway I can be! I am blogging and emailing and talking to get more contributions for the next phase of The Denver Group's purpose up and running!
GREAT to have you back!!! Wonderful to know the next phase!

PUMA.SF said...


Thank you again for being the voice of democracy. I do not recognize the Democratic Party any longer nor do I want to be a part of it. I will do whatever I can to make sure they do not win. Government is supposed to be for the people not corporate greed. I encourage everyone to donate.

Thank you again for all that you do.

endodoc79 said...

I am happy to contribute to the Denver Group as part of my actions to stand up for democracy. If we do not make our voices heard this trampling on our democratic principles will continue and soon we will not even recognize our country that so many have fought and died for. When the history of this campaign is written I will be proud to have supported one of the few effective voices of integrity and reason.

Patricia said...

Like democraticjack I was elated to see your post. I, as well, will give as much support as I can. You and Heidi are the best.

Michelle said...

I cannot reward the terrible conduct of a fixed election by voting for it. To disregard 18+ million voters to select an inferior candidate is beyond the pall. I will write in HILLARY CLINTON in November. When did the democratic party decide to become so un-American? The last thing I ever expected to see was the DNC turn into the Fascist Democratic party. I learned about (2) amazing women who when encountering Fascism did something about it-Vera Atkins and Violette Szabo.

Michelle said...

I have a question that has been bothering me all day. If Obama was the "one", why did they feel they had to do overkill to eliminate Hillary Clinton and her supporters by every means necessary? On CSI and Criminal Minds when they see crimes committed in this fashion they always say, "this is a crime of passion-this is overkill". So who did Obama's thugs hate so much, Hillary, Bill, the Constitution that they were willing to commit Federal Crimes by voter intimidation, fraud during the caucuses? Was it hate or having no power they fell in love with the desire for power and will grab power by any means necessary? Why the DNC would go along with hoodlums like this is really beyond me. Something very interesting things could happen that none of the criminals counted on: some develop a conscience, some turn states evidence to save their own hide, some demand extortion money and some will just turn on each other. Will we all learn a new lesson "there is no honor among theives"?

Hongna said...

Thank you Heidi! Thank you for your efforts to fight for democracy.

As Hillary said: we will keep going!