Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Denver Group: Post Convention Goals


The goals of The Denver Group in the coming general election are simple and straightforward. After witnessing the most corrupt nominating process we have ever seen, something reminiscent of the bad old days of Boss Tweed, when a rigged nominating process and roll call vote were substituted for the voices and votes of 18 million Democratic primary voters, and in the process seeing every rule, procedure and democratic principle violated, we think what is most important now is that principle prevails before party. That means restoring the values of the Democratic Party and the principles for which it has stood and returning it to those who respect and value those traditions.

To that end our goals are:

1. The withholding of support for the Democratic candidate for President on the grounds that the party leadership subverted Democratic Party rules, procedures and principles in order to select a predetermined candidate without regard to the Democratic Party's voters, principles, rules or procedures. We do not believe anything justifies supporting a candidate who is there because of a corruption of democratic principles in the name of winning.

2. If the Democrats lose, holding accountable Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and others in the DNC who are responsible for subverting the principles which alienated 18 million voters, leading to the defeat, by demanding their resignations. And getting them.

3. The return of the Democratic Party to those who will respect its traditions, its values and it's democratic procedures so that the Democratic Party can return to the values and principles for which it has always stood.


Marsha said...

These goals are worthy of The Denver Group and follow on from the influence and impact you had on getting Hillary's name into nomination. Can't blame The Denver Group for the cowardly process around the roll call vote.
Dean, Pelosi et al will soon come to realize that there is a difference between a star and a meteor. If you hitch you wagon to a star and find out that it's a meteor, everyone comes crashing down to Earth.
Between Hillary and Obama, I will leave it for others to decide who is the star and who is the meteor.

WendyPrince said...

We will not stand for a Democratic Party that decided to select and not elect a presidential nominee!