Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Denver Group's support for downticket Democrats

Ed O'Reilly is a Massachusettes Democrat challenging John Kerry for the Democratic nomination for US Senate in a primary on Sept 16. We feel that Ed O'Reilly fits the kind of Democrat we support, much more so than John Kerry who we see as having become more a part of the problem than the solution for the Democratic Party and all that has gone wrong with it this year.

We support many Democratic candidates for office this year who live up to the traditions and principles of the Democratic Party and feel that Ed O'Reilly represents what our new mission stands for -- Democrats For Principle Before Party. Through Heidi's contacts and fundraising efforts with the O'Reilly campaign, Marc created and produced this commercial for Ed O'Reilly which will be running this weekend in advance of the Sept 16th primary.

Additional information about The Denver Group's general election efforts is available at our sister website Democrats for Principle Before Party.

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