Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fundraising progress report from The Denver Group

[See this post on The Denver Group's general election website, and update your bookmarks.]
  • Working with Act Blue's staff counsel, we successfully managed to have Act Blue release funds owed us the day after they "delisted" The Denver Group without notice, despite being told originally that it would be impossible for expedited delivery.
  • Donations via Paypal have been coming in steadily: approximately $300 since the beginning of this week.
  • Donations by snail mail have been coming in as well: $200 dollars in the past two days.
  • And we have over $500 dollars in pledged donations.

A new feature on this webpage: a separate page for people to pledge contributions to The Denver Group's general election efforts. Our goal continues to be raise money to make sure that all Democrats understand the legitimacy of fighting for their Party even if that means they are not supporting the Party's presidential nominee. We will be running ads in states like Texas, reminding people to support downticket Democrats who are committed to democracy in the Democratic Party; and we will be running ads to remind people that corruption of democratic process cannot be the way to arrive at a Democratic nominee.

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