Sunday, September 14, 2008


We know many Democrats are in a quandary this year about who they want to see elected President. Though many Democrats are not. In that category are the Democrats supporting Obama and those who are not and will not. We are in the category of those who are not and will not. Not only do we think he is completely unqualified to be President and has demonstrated only the worst of all possible traits for a politician -- deceit, dishonesty,untrustworthiness, incompetence, lack of character or any moral center,  he is also the product of a corrupt and dishonest primary process conducted by the Democratic National Committee in collusion with the Obama campaign which included a rigged roll call vote in violation of all of the Democratic Party's official rules and procedures.

We believe what is necessary is to oppose Senator Obama and his candidacy  in our ads as forcefully as possible and that is our intention. First because we think he is completely unqualified both from the perspective of character and the perspective o any ability to do this job. We also believe that his defeat will be the beginning of a returning of the Democratic Party from those responsible for the corruption we saw this year, people like Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Donna Brazile and the Obama wing of the party, to those who will respect those principles and traditions as well as simple democracy. That is the way to win the Presidency not by rigging a roll call vote and not with a candidate who has reneged on every pledge and promise he has made, has lied consistently and continues to be  a weak, dishonest, unqualified and untrustworthy candidate.

For those who agree with our stance as being what is best for both the country and the Democratic Party we urge you to contribute to that effort. To those Democrats who are still ambivalent about what to do, we respect that position as well. But we will continue to act on and represent those who believe as we do, that what is best for the country and best for the Democratic Party is the defeat of what is probably the worst and most unqualified Democratic candidate for President we have ever seen.

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