Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day update from The Denver Group

Fundraising [updated!]
We have just passed the $38000 mark on Act Blue, having had an astonishing show of support over this holiday weekend. Donations via paypal have been arriving and we look forward to the resumption of mail delivery tomorrow because we know folks do donate by mail.

Ad development
Marc is laying out the first post-convention ad we plan to run because the minute we can afford it we will place it. We know where we want it to go so the creative and strategic thinking is done.

Fun fact
Marc and Heidi Li have a friendly wager over whether Marc will have the ad totally ready for submission the moment we top $40000 on Act Blue or whether Heidi Li will be able to rally donors to that mark before Marc is done with the mechanics of laying out the ad. Stay tuned to find out which of us wins this bet.

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