Thursday, September 4, 2008

Update on the Act Blue situation

We still have not been able to find out the identity of the decisionmaker that Nate Thames says he was not. We have made it clear that we will need not only the final remittal funds due us ASAP, as well as the names of the donors who gave those contributions so that we can thank them as is our custom.

A number of supporters have informed us that they have written to Mr. Thames, who at the moment is the de facto representative from Act Blue regarding that organization's precipitous move to delist The Denver Group. Others have let us know that they are seeking refunds of tips they made to Act Blue because of Act Blue's providing us an additonal fundraising channel.

One communication on which we were copied stands out, and we wanted to share it with all those who join with The Denver Group in getting out the message that principle comes before Party when the Party has become unprincipled.
Dear Nate,

I am a Democrat who believes in Democratic principles and fair play. It has come to my attention that you have refused to allow The Denver Group from using ACTBLUE to collect funds in order to promote democracy. If you have read any of the Denver Group ads, they have never promoted Republicans or any other non-democratic party.

You see, many of us Democrats are upset with our party. You know the reasons why. By disassociating and refusing The Denver Group, you are not promoting democracy, you are alienating it. This is no longer about Senator Obama or Senator Clinton. When this election is over, there will be no doubt that many of us will continue to support Democratic candidates elected by the people they will serve. Disagreeing with our party in the way they conduct business does not make us Republicans. Actions such as the one with The Denver group by ActBlue will no doubt further the resentment of many Democrats, but also further their resolve.

[name redacted for privacy purposes]
We could not have said it better ourselves.

And what makes the email special is that this was written by one of regular "small dollar" donors, who contacted Heidi Li immediately yesterday afternoon to assure her he would be donating, as he has for months, small amounts on a regular basis. Marc noted here and on his blog that for practical purposes we do not need Act Blue; so we are not going to spend any more of our scarce time on that relationsip. With supporters like this letter writer, who needs Act Blue?

To contribute to The Denver Group, please feel free to use the links in the sidebar to paypal or
to mail us a check. We have other ads well along in the pipeline. We are not going to let anybody who suports our work not be abe to. As always, we thank those who are contributing and those who will now make contributions via other channels.

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PuppyDogMom said...

Like I said...I've delisted THEM. You are the best and I'll continue to contribute.