Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Denver Group/Democrats for Principle Before Party: Printable fliers of general election print ads

Although in the final weeks and days of the run-up to November 4, we believe our resources are most effectively deployed in purchasing television time for our commercials, at the suggestion of a supporter we wanted to make available the two general election print ads we ran. If you care to download and distribute these, please do so. Or if you want to preserve your supply of ink, you might consider a 5 dollar donation for the TV buys. Either way, we are grateful for your efforts.

  • To donate online:

  • To print out the ads, click on the boxes below and you will get a larger version, suitable for printing and distribution. Note that our web address appears at the bottom of the ads, so that those who see the fliers can visit online and contribute if they can and if they care to.

Ad- Boss Tweed - Lansing- proofed

Boss Tweed-CQ - full page- revised

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