Friday, October 3, 2008


Thanks to the contributions and efforts of our supporters, friends, and allies, Democrats For Principle Before Party will be airing its first commercial, "Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?", several times next week in Missouri, home of the Obama Truth Squads. We will let you know precise air dates and times once the commercials have run.

Looking ahead:

Many people, millions in fact will soon be turning their attention to
the World Series. And so will we. If we can get enough in contributions
we are planning on running a new commercial (attacking Senator Obama on matters of fiscal responsibility) currently in production during the World Series. We have already
discussed a media plan with a network affiliate, and if we can get the
contributions, we'll be looking to make spot buys in certain
battleground states during the World Series. Even if we run only once
during one game, we feel the commercial is very strong and repetition
is not needed to have an impact. But the more we get in contributions
towards this effort, the more we will consider running more than once
during the Series and possibly running more than one commercial. So if you donate now you
can root for the home team with your contributions and help run a
crackerjack commercial.

Due to the demand for airtime during the World Series, time is of the essence for raising money for this ad buy. If you've got it, please give it.

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